Really Really BIG Things to Devour in Mumbai

By Mallika Dabke October 5, 2017

If there’s one thing that can get our eyes popping, mouths salivating, stomachs grumbling and the cameras clickin’, its food in extraordinarily large sizes. And Mumbai is bringing its A-game when it comes to monstrous meals. This one is dedicated for the joy of your social media and your bottomless stomach.

Jimi’s Jawbreaker

The Hybrid Jawbreaker 🔥❤

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This burger practically has everything from the menu at Jimi’s Burgers. It’s something we’d pick for a treat-your-hangover meal and a delight for every carnivore out there. Between the burger buns, lies the goodness of double chicken patties, double bacon, double chicken salami, fried egg and cheese *cue the sound of heaven’s gates opening*.

Gustoso’s Meter Long Pizza

Ever since Gustoso settled down in the city, they have taken it upon themselves to introduce us to real and classic Italian goodness.

We have three words that will blow your mind: Meter Long Pizza.

All their pizzas are available in multiple sizes, and the largest pizza size they offer is a meter long; A must to check-off from bucket lists.

Social Breakfast Trays

It might not look like much in this image, but trust us, this tray holds a formidable portion of food. Image: Zomato.

The Socials around town have a beautiful collection of breakfast trays: each one coming with an array of breakfast items to eat together. The largest one, however, is their Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast. This breakfast tray (more like thali) entails chole with parathas, samosas, pickle, onions, their dahi karrare aloo, lassi, and tea. To give you a clue about how massive this deal is, they’ve added ‘kapade phat gaye’ next to the Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast on their menu.

Grande Nachos at The Irish House

The Grande Nachos earned their fame after Irish House realised that we are all suckers for ordering things that can help us stay at restaurants for long periods of time, just chilling and snacking. Their mammoth portion of nachos seemed like the perfect solution and has become a quick favourite for regulars.

Howra’s Godfather Burger

This one is a thing of beauty. Simply put –

  • 3, yes THREE mutton patties
  • Caramelised onions
  • Onion Rings
  • Their special fiery sauce and barbecue sauce
  • Topped off with fried egg

Animal Fries at 145

Everything beautiful in the world comes with fries and we’re all very aware of that fact. 145, Kalaghoda’s Animal Fries are basically a two feet long slab of marble bedazzled with fries; a fitting muse for a romantic poet.

Dumpling King’s King-Sized Bucket

It’s all in the name.

It’s a bucket full of dumplings from their carefully curated dumpling menu.This filled-to-the-brim-bucket has 36 of those gorgeous babies waiting for your love. Your chance to live all your Po fantasies.

If any of these dishes on the list get you salivating, then go for it, champ! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Just do it.