Restaurants, Please Give Us Free Coke Refills? | An Open Letter

By Mumbai Foodie September 12, 2018
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Growing up, like most children, birthday parties really excited me. Sure, the food, the dancing, the pretty dress that I could wear were definitely highlights, but what actually made me happiest was the unlimited amount of Coca-Cola that I could have. One glass over, and all I had to do was go pick another one! Imagine that! That sweet, fizzy drink was no longer taboo, while my mother could keep nagging me about how it had to be my last one, there was no stopping that sugar rush from kicking in.

Once I grew older, I couldn’t just depend on parties for my coca cola refills (too bad). Like every other adult, I had to keep buying a glass over and over again. Each time I went out with friends, I would end up spending a ridiculous amount just on my coke! When I first travelled abroad, I was introduced to the concept of free refills at restaurants, which transported me right back to those moments of joy at birthday parties. For very obvious reasons of course. My point here is simple; I would return to a restaurant that understood both the spending power of a student combined with their love (and need) for fizzy drinks.

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I visited a restaurant recently that is known for its pizza and Instagram-ed it. Someone replied to the story with a comment saying, “Isn’t the pizza the best there?” To which I reacted saying “No, the fact that they serve unlimited coke is the best thing ever!” I was ecstatic! This led me to question why this was such a rarity in India? I mean, it becomes an incentive to attract more patrons. One would definitely end up ordering something alongside their glass to keep munching (unless you’re a coke drinking lunatic like me), so I would assume that it works well for business. Besides, the mark up on these beverages is quite hefty, so the cost involved in providing a few more extra glasses is almost negligible. It builds on the PR for sure. There would be tons of people who would appreciate this. One would not have to think twice about just wanting to go hang out with other friends because they would not be spending a bomb on their beverages (especially if you’re a teetotaller, like me). Besides everybody needs a coke to wash down that delicious meal.

We Need An Unlimited Coke Refill System Here!

We Need An Unlimited Coke Refill System Here!

Honestly, it would be nice to pick up on some of these concepts followed in the west, rather than just focusing on food trends. So, consider this an open request to restaurants to entertain this idea. Given that this seems to work seamlessly abroad, it doesn’t look like there is much to lose here. You’re giving free coke, you attract more business, you have more of an income on sales of food and you’re making lots of people very, very happy (pun intended because of the sugar rush)!

Written By Anam Ankolkar