Inside Rivers To Oceans | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke July 20, 2018
Rock Oysters straight from the cold bar.

(This restaurant is closed and now been replaced by TYGR.)

As Palladium said goodbye to the iconic TGI Friday, it opened its doors to a very refreshing entrant in the form of Rivers to Oceans. Helmed by restaurateur Zorawar Kalra, R2O pays homage to the fruits of the sea. What can be best described as a seafood grill, R2O is a lot more than just that. The restaurant’s philosophy is all about doing the best for the ingredients, and respecting them to showcase them in their best light. While a heavy portion of the menu features seafood items, the vast menu sufficiently covers vegetarian palates, and those non-vegetarian ones that don’t take well to seafood. They are the first to have a champagne and caviar bar, too.

I visited Rivers To Oceans along with two companions from work, not knowing what we were to expect. Their Zomato and Instagram page gave us a fair idea of the setting, which was fine dining to the tee, but we were still unsure about the menu or the cuisine. The mystery surrounding the food at Rivers to Oceans eased away, as we went through the menu. Going through the menu, I understood that R2O wasn’t about a single kind of cuisine or style, but instead, the focus was on the ingredients, and the ingredients were what defined the dish.

Because they have such a vast menu, they give you the option of trying out their 15-course tasting menu. We went with that option to be able to truly understand the vastness of their menu.

The 15-course tasting menu comes in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option, and we ordered both to truly test the variety. Each section of the tasting menu was presented to us with a glass of white wine. While we really enjoyed the entire meal, I’ll take you through some of the standout dishes.

It began with an amouse bouche made of espuma foam that carried a lovely cranberry flavour and was served with tomato caviar.

From their cold seafood bar, we were presented with rock oysters and caviar. We clinked our oysters and slurped them down with a green apple mignonette, soy and lime. This was a truly exciting beginning for the wonderful meal to follow.

Their Modernist Salad Nicoise was an interesting take on the classic. The bite sized portion of the salad was topped with a squid blanket that was so soft and full of flavour. Together, it made for a lovely spoonful. The squid blanket was truly remarkable in the sense that it didn’t feel chewy like the general texture of a squid at all. It was almost as soft as pasta!

The next course truly took our breath away, and was the most unexpected, too! In front of us, were two bowls of soup. One was a Leek and Crab Soup with a Butter Crab Stick, and the other was a Leek and Potato Soup with a Feta Crumble. Both the soups were rich in fragrance and flavour. The buttery crab stick practically melted in my mouth, and complimented the richness from the soup so well. I couldn’t believe that a soup was the most memorable dish for me!

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The newest entry in the consistently expanding portfolio of the highly innovative @zkalra, is Rivers 2 Oceans in #Mumbai, a tribute to mainly good sea food sourced from different parts of the country. It focuses on highlighting local produce and his exaggerated but signature molecular gastronomy is toned down almost completely at this place. That's what I liked the most about dining at R2O, the focus is mainly on the freshness of produce and nothing else. Our experience was memorable, especially this delicious preparation of the great Maharashtrian coastal mud #crab served with a spicy Malabari curry. Rich and creamy #curry complimented perfectly by the crispy textures of a malai parota, hit some truly high notes on my palate. The crab was medium sized but expectedly and undoubtedly fresh! Must revisit super soon! Happy wearing a bib and getting messy while enjoying this dish with your bare hands! 🦀😎✌️#BhookadRecommends #mudcrab #malabaricurry #crabcurry #crablegs #desikhana #indianfood #konkani #fresh #seafood #rivers2oceans #zorawarkalra #mumbaifoodie #foodofmumbai #thebigbhookad #lensplated #lowerparel

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Another dish we enjoyed was the eclectic Sushi Taco made with avocado and cream cheese stuffed inside a crispy nori taco shell. The Textures of Mushrooms was a dish that highlighted four different kinds of mushrooms cooked in four different styles. The combination of them together really worked, as the dish was full of various textures, like soft, crunchy, chewy. The Truffled Fresh Lobster with black caviar again, was all about making the hero of the ingredients, and letting them do all the talking. When we were onto our mains, we enjoyed a simple Malabar Crab Curry with Malabar Parota.

The desserts were a treat. We struggled to choose between the gorgeous looking Eton Mess, and the mysterious ball of Black Truffle Ice Cream. Both the desserts were exceptional. They were very well balanced not only on their own, but also when eaten together.


R2O - Rivers To Oceans - Wine

A wine for each section of the tasting menu.

Through the tasting menu, we tasted four different kinds of white wines, each complementing what we were being served. This thoughtful addition to the tasting menu truly elevated our entire experience.

Although we tried a lot more items, these were the ones that stood out for us, and the rest, while great on their own, didn’t match up to some of the seafood that we ate. While they have tried to make sure there’s something for everyone to eat, the seafood really shines. R20 is the first of its kind, and its entry into Mumbai’s dining scene is very exciting news.  I would go back for another round of the tasting menu, or else re-order the items I enjoyed my first time. If there’s anything for certain, is that I’m going back here for sure.