Learning Self Love By Saffola Active Soups

By Mumbai Foodie March 16, 2018

Nothing feels better than sitting with a bowl of your favourite comfort food, all settled down on the couch after a long day of work. It’s just ordinary life, an everyday story, where that every day bowl of comfort food comes disillusioned as selfcare. With every tiring day that goes by, we find ourselves treating ourselves with simple pleasures – a cupcake this evening, popping a candy on the go. Whatever momentary fulfilment we experience, is not actually selfcare the way it should be. And while this thought has been subject to many debates and discussions among colleagues and friends, Saffola reached out to us with what could be a gateway to a new talking point of this conversation.

At 7:30 pm yesterday, through Mumbai’s most trusted delivery service, we got sent a big red dabba in the hands of a dabbawalla. Consisting of three ready to make soups, a soup mug and a handy note that demystified this parcel.

Saffola Active soups come in a number of flavours as ready to make, affordable evening meals. So well before dinner time, we indulged in the creamy tomato soup by Saffola. The process of making the soup was of course, quicker than expected – all it involved, was mixing the packaged powder with hot water, and it was ready to consume. We loved that it didn’t taste…fake, like products like this can be, and was actually rich and wholesome. The quantity was ideal for it to be consumed before dinner – filling, yet not overboard.

The best part, however, was learning that these Saffola soups have fiber five times more than usual soups, which pushes your metabolism towards fitness. With just 2% calories in one bowl, it’s equal to eating a roti, again, the perfect amount of food preceding a full meal.

All this brings us back to the earlier conversation, of real self care. It’s the smart meals like the Saffola Active Soups that bridge the gap between real and illusionary self love. Tell us your take on it down in the comments, your experience, and any insights!