The Lil Flea Food Guide

By Mumbai Foodie April 3, 2018

The happiest flea market of Bombay is back to sort out everybody’s weekend plans. This time around, The Lil Flea is happening over two weekends – on the 6th, 7th and 8th of April, and then on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April. With scores of stalls to go through, navigating the flea can be a hurdle. Where to go? Which one to pick? With so many stalls begging for duly deserved attention, here are some of our favourite food stalls.

Grab A Bite At

1 tablespoon Kitchen - The Lil Flea

It’s not a happy flea if it has no pizza?

There are a number of stalls at The Lil Flea that serve delicious food for you to pick up and go. Convenience is king, and there are a lot of things you can eat at the festival if you’re looking for a quick snack.

One of them, is Pack A Pav, where they transform the humble pav into an upgraded treat. Our personal favourite is their Mutton Shammi Kebab Pav, but don’t miss out on their other options! 
P.s- the pavs come with a side of fryums!

Lil Flea has brought out the big guns by setting up a stall by Kepchaki Momos. They do momos the best, most authentic way, and should not be missed if you share a love for these steamed dumplings like we do!

One Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen serves pizzas by the slice (their pepperoni is to die for!). You can also go for a hefty taco from Taco Lab if you want something a little more exotic.

For those who have big appetites, Woodside Inn is where you need to be! We’re big fans of their burgers, and while their restaurant makes for the perfect pub setting, we’re sure their stall is going to be a hit at the Flea!

Shop For Food At

Have you tried out Kombucha yet?

Have you tried out Kombucha yet?

Now that you’re done eating, why not check out these home grown producers and vendors? Check out The Butternut Co, where they make premium homemade nutty spreads. They have a variety of almond and peanut butters to choose from, with flavours like honey and flaxseed. You can even choose between sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

At Brownsalt Bakery, you will find granola of various flavours. Spoil yourself for choice in the healthiest way with a selection of Almond and Cranberry, Banana Bread, Nutella and Hazelnut, and more.

Lastly, don’t forget to grab a bottle of kombucha from HappyBooch Kombucha. This fermented tea from China, popular for its health benefits, is slowly gaining recognition in the city. Do grab a bottle of their delicious home-brewed kombucha and sip your way to good health!

Eat Sweet At

Copetto - The Lil Flea

Gelato is equivalent to a superhero, no? Saving us from the heat!

Baked With Love by Annie makes the most wonderful homemade desserts. Annie specialises in custom desserts – everything from cakes and pies to mousse and cookies. Everything she bakes is gorgeous to look at, and we’re in awe of the effort that goes behind making every treat look so pretty.

Summer has set in, and to save yourself from evaoprating, don’t miss out on the gelato by Copetto. This brand of artisanal gelato is the perfect way to end your day at The Lil Flea. 

 With over 60 brands and over 300 food, dessert and beverage options to pick from, we are super excited to spend the coming weekend at The Lil Flea. Tag us in your food photos from The Lil Flea on Instagram to get featured!