Winter At The Pantry | Special Menu

By Mallika Dabke December 19, 2017
Activated Charcoal Waffles. Image: Vinayak Grover

Winter is really the best time of the year in Bombay! The weather doesn’t make anybody cranky, strawberries are in season, and so many parties are right around the corner. Everything is a little bit happier, no? To turn up all this December excitement a notch higher, we dropped by The Pantry, one of our favourite cutesy little cafes from Kalaghoda to try out their very special winter menu.

A smoothie to kickstart your day at The Pantry.

A smoothie to kickstart your day at The Pantry.

The proof is in the pudding, and The Pantry’s winter menu really did manage to show us just that through everything they served. They know that winter in Bombay doesn’t mean sitting by the fire and sipping on a hot chocolate. The Cinnamon Coco Brew is the kind of drink that will kick start your day – a refreshing coffee, with the familiar and comforting flavour of subtle cinnamon in the underlines.

Activated Charcoal is definitely in,this season! The waffles are made with activated charcoal, and topped with fresh avocados and a tomato salsa, served with a garlic aioli on the side. Every different flavour and texture on the plate came together like it was meant to be.

Their handmade and gluten free charcoal linguine came with smoked chicken and a pumpkin sauce drizzled all over it. A mouthful of the warm pasta with the superbly seasoned smoked chicken felt like an actual, cozy hug. Exactly what you need in Mumbai’s light winter, when all you want to do is camp under your blankets and never get out.

Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm noodles.

Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm noodles.

Who can leave out strawberries, though? Their strawberries and kefir smoothie was a total pick-me-up! Fresh, and bursting with flavour, this smoothie has the power to indulge every strawberry fan out there.

We enjoyed a gorgeous pumpkin smoothie bowl and a vegan cheese bowl that consisted of granola, avocados and mushrooms.

Can winter not end? We need this menu to stay on permanently!

Can winter not end? We need this menu to stay on permanently!

The dish that took the cake for us was the dessert. A spiced guava cheesecake tart sounded so interesting on the menu, we had to know what it was all about. The tart itself had a subtle flavour of guava, but was stuffed with finely chopped and spiced up pieces of the fruit. A larger piece of guava sat on the top of the cheesecake tart, and even though it was just a piece of warm and spicy guava, it had us wishing there was an entire portion of just that on the menu.

We are so happy to have winter around at The Pantry. The cold never bothered me anyway.