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By Nidhi Mehra March 31, 2018
Tippling Street, Juhu

London has always seemed like a good idea. Every time I visit, I love finding that one cosy spot in my favourite pub, comforted by a pitcher of beer and plate of fried goodness, I couldn’t imagine anything more relaxing. What if you could get that very same feeling of comfort and satisfaction right here in Mumbai? Lucky for you, we’ve discovered a spot that will transport you to London from your first sip of beer to the moment you wave ‘cheerio’ to the friendly staff.

Walk into Tippling Street, a newly opened gastropub in Juhu overlooking the Arabian Sea, for a quintessential English experience with an Indianized touch. This British Themed gastropub has made its way from Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, and aims to bring a taste of that colonial elegance and charm to Mumbai.


Here you’ll find pop music playing in the background; a golden Johnnie Walker statue greeting you at the entrance; simple, sleek, spacious and friendly interiors; a separate balcony area where you can get a whiff of the beach and a view of the beautiful skyline above the calm ocean.

Their extensive menu has an amazing blend of European cuisine with Asian flavours! As quoted by Chef Dev Rawat of Tippling Street, ‘’We are trying to serve English classics and progressive Indian dishes while reinventing English flavours by giving them an Indian touch.’’ Essentially, their vision is to serve English cuisine but still have flavours that are familiar to their customers.

After surveying the menu, we started our meal with the Mushroom On Toast, which featured crunchy bread topped with forest mushrooms and an aged balsamic reduction. We then tried the Aioli Chicken, spiced skewered chicken thigh slathered in a rich aioli sauce. Both of these dishes were similar to those we’d tried at other restaurants and were not flavours we could come back for.

Chicken Drumstick with Potato Salad at Tippling Street, Juhu

Chicken Drumstick with Potato Salad at Tippling Street, Juhu

Since Tippling Street is all about London, we had to try their Mini Fish and Chips and we must say, the dish did not disappoint! The fish was crispy and golden brown on the outside while being tender and succulent on the inside. Perfectly cooked chips were served with a tangy tartar sauce rounding off the dish.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse after this.  We were really excited to order their much-spoken about Tippling Dome Nachos which were disappointing to taste and looked as if they could easily be made at home. The chips were bland, the salsa didn’t seem fresh and there were very few toppings to speak of. We would highly recommend that they add in some jalapenos, olives, sour cream, guacamole, beans and veggies for this to be a standout dish.

Wise Whiskey

Wise Whiskey

Like most pubs, Tippling St. serves a variety of alcoholic drinks and beverages; their bar boasts cocktails that are well thought out and well-balanced. We tried the Wise Whiskey, blended and piped with beetroot cream and sprinkled on top with dried shredded orange, which is definitely worth a try for the super fresh and tangy taste.

After the let-down of the nachos we decided to try one of their signature dishes, the Coriander Jalapeno Cottage Cheese, delivered straight off the tandoor. This was definitely our favourite dish of the night and you want this on your table! It had bang-on flavours and was surprisingly good because of the combination of flavours and precise technique. Everything was cooked perfectly and tasted excellent.

Cheese lovers, come here for their hand rolled Four Cheese Pizza with emmental, cheddar, mozzarella, burrata and wilted arugula! It was so cheesy and satisfying, we couldn’t stop thinking about it till the next day. Sadly, we found their iconic English Shepherd’s Pie to be overly salty and greasy which was where we decided to end our foray into the restaurant’s savoury menu.

70% Dark Chocolate Mousse

70% Dark Chocolate Mousse

For dessert, you definitely need to have the 70% Dark Chocolate Mousse. Topped with caramel sauce and a potent quenelle of Baileys, this was a decadent way to end the meal and we couldn’t stop eating it!

Visit Tippling Street at your own risk as there are a few hits but more misses unfortunately. The friendly staff and lively décor makes this a good place for an after-work cocktail or quick bite, especially if you want someplace with a view of the sea!