Toast and its Significant Others

By Mallika Dabke October 5, 2017

We love waking up in the morning because we know something beautiful is waiting for us – breakfast. A whole time period is dedicated to devouring a very specific kind of food. From this food group, toast reigns on top, and toast often has major competition when it comes to which food item will accompany it on their way to our wiggly tummies. So we tried battling them out.

Cheese, jam, fruits, garnishes. The possibilities of toast toppings are endless! Image:

Here’s a definitive list of toppings and spreads that we absolutely love with toast. These aren’t all that regular, though. We’ve brought together a collection of really fun and new flavors we scoured for online so you can enjoy your breakfast in a brand new way.


Bacon Jam

Some things in life are just consumed without question. Like pizza, waffles and ice cream sandwiches, bacon consumption is an involuntary act of self-fulfillment. You can’t stop yourself; and dear Lord, we’re talking about Bacon Jam here. The fact that we can inculcate bacon in our lives even more now is revolutionary.

Get it here.




If this is how good Nutella looks, we can only imagine how much better Peanutella looks on toast! Image:

The two most popular spreads for toast of all time – peanut butter and Nutella, are married now ( #OTP).  What a time to be alive! Peanut butter has always been a magical treat for the taste buds. Add Nutella to the mix and it’s a game changer.

Our two favorite things about peanut butter on toast are the textures of the two together, and the balance of flavors it brings out.

Get it here.

Brandy Apple Jam

Want  to feel like you’re a sophisticated adult winning at life? It’s time to make breakfast classy with some Brandy Apple Butter.

Honestly, it’s a beautiful combination of flavors.

We’ve OD’ed on jams and marmalades t growing up. At some point they all started tasting like the samesugary jelly spread on toast. And it worked because it was sweet, but we’re so over it.

Get it here.

Kiwi Butter

This one’s for a really fresh morning. Kiwi is a really light fruit, so a kiwi flavored butter spread would go really well for when you want to start your day kicking and healthy.

We know, butter’s a classic, why to mess with a classic and all, but fruit butter really is out of this world.

Find yourself kiwi butter here.

P.S. Moshe’s, the brand that manufactures these butters, one of our personal favorites, also makes other flavors of fruit butters like that of strawberry, pineapple and lemon.

Cream Cheese  

Look at that fine spread of cream cheese! The slice on top is coated with its delicious alternative – labneh. Image:

This list would be incomplete if it didn’t feature cream cheese. There are a lot of ways to use cream cheese: spread it on toast, then line it up with sliced fruits: apples, bananas, kiwis, and the most trendy of them all: avocado. You can also drizzle some honey to add to the goodness.

TIP: Labneh, a yogurt cheese good substitute for cream cheese.

You can get yourself cream cheese here.


Spice up your daily breakfast routine by exploring (and experimenting with) these super trendy and seriously tasty flavors on your toast!