Our Top 5 Vada Pav Picks From The City

By Mallika Dabke October 5, 2017

History lesson time, kids!

Mumbai’s fast food gift to the world: vada pav, was invented in 1966. Although a couple of names surface as to who it was who invented vada pav, it was around 1970s where the local snack got politically promoted in such a manner, that it was awarded the identity of Mumbai’s working class hero snack. The invention did arise from the need of a power packed cheap snack for labourers, who figured that combining the energy giving potato, with a fast stomach filling pav, was the answer to their needs. Everybody has a favourite vada pav guy down their street, but here are the most popular vada pav stalls across Mumbai:

Ashok Vada Pav


We had to start this list with the most popular of the lot. The guys at Ashok Vada Pav Stall, with expertise of more than two decades, are certified pros at serving the city’s favourite snack from the street. They are known for serving the fried crumbs along with the vada pav. It’s these crumbs that make Ashok Vada Pav a crowd pleaser, if not for their mouth watering decades old recipe for the potato vada.

Quick Tip: Try their Churra Pav. They basically replace their vada with the sinfully tasty extra fried crumbs.


Mangesh Vada Pav

Truly great vada pav is the one where the vada holds its own flavour and doesn’t have to depend on the chutneys for support. Which is probably why Mangesh Vada Pav is so famous in Borivali. Their vada has an extra hit of garlic, which is why its vada is actively doing all the work for your taste buds, so the chutneys only elevate the experience, and don’t fight to take centre stage.

Quick Tip: Ask them to add their special sweet chutney!


Anand Vada Pav

Who would’ve thought that cheese and chutney would go so well! Lucky for us, someone at Anand Vada Pav did. Image: Mumbai_Ka_Bhukad

Image by Mumbai_Ka_Bhukad from Zomato

We seriously envy everyone who studied at Mithibai College and/or the neighbouring colleges. Right across from this street lined with academic institutions for the youth, is a long line of fast food stalls catering to the hungry student stomachs. The vada pav opposite Mithibai shot to fame for it’s size and flavour. Anand became the area’s favourite also because they took it a notch higher with the option of having vada pav with cheese and mayonnaise. Honestly, even writing about it is making us salivate.


Borkar Vada Pav

Nestled in the lanes of one of the city’s oldest areas, Borkar Vada Pav in Girgaon has a special place in the hearts of everybody living there.  There are no railway stations or colleges surrounding it to provide Borkar Vada Pav with the crowds, still Borkar has received the recognition they deserve.  They open shop at 4pm, and people have been spotted waiting for them from an hour prior. Borkar only serves vada pavs piping hot, and made to order, so they’re always fresh. Ask any Girgaon resident about this vada pav, and you might get a love ballad as your answer.

Quick Tip: Go a little early, and be in front of the line.


Aaram Vada Pav

Butter Cheese Grilled Vada Pav at Aram Vada Pav, CST. Freshly made golden brown ball of goodness with flavours of spiced potatoes and chillies stuffed between grilled pav is a perfect example of paisa vasool food! 🙌 We just can't stop going gaga over this one! Aram Vada Pav serves you delicious vada pavs! #MumbaiFoodJunkie recommended DM or use #MumbaiFoodJunkie for a feature. Picture credits: @livetoeatfoodies Add us on Snapchat: Mumbai Food Junki #foodblogger #foodblog #vadapav #sogood #AramVadaPav #streetfood #streetfoodjunkies #instafood #instagood #delicious #instamumbai #foodporn #eeeeeats #mumbaikar #cheese #cheesy #buzzfeedfood #nearfox #storypick #lensplated #foodgasm #bestoftheday #epic #mumbai #mumbaifood #foodstagram

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Probably the oldest from the lot, this little vada pav stall has been standing strong for over 70 years at CST, feeding hungry travellers daily and on the go. Their specialty is their red garlic chutney, which claims to taste the same since they started. They’ll even grill your vada pav if you ask.  Aaram Vada Pav might as well be declared a world heritage site like CST.

Apart from its delicious taste, what we love about vada pav is its connected identity with Bombay. Everything it represents, stands for the truest spirit of this city – spicy but soft, warm, your best friend during the rains. Road tripping across the length of the city to taste test these icons sounds like a great weekend plan to us!