Totally Unique Food Instagram Accounts We Love

By Ruchika Agarwal October 17, 2017
Now these are the kind of rainbows I enjoy looking at! Image:

Instagram is filled with food porn! And some of these accounts take it to the next level with their unique and creative approach to the art of food photography.

Here are some we think you should follow, apart from our very own Instagram, of course!


This Norwegian native, and current Berlin- resident believes that all food should be fun, colourful and creative. And we couldn’t agree more! Ida Skivenes creates and photographs the intricate art on her plate with food, which she then gets to devour!


This quirky account combines travel and food, with a bright yellow plate as the common factor. These photos evoke not only immense hunger but also wanderlust!


This one pushes the boundaries of food blogging, and it isn’t hard to see why! Bread Face, a pen name of sorts to keep her anonymity, started this account because she had the urge to feel her face with her food. Today, she has over 173,000 followers and a mostly positive response to her videos. Check out her Instagram to find out how you feel about a person smashing bread with her face!


This food illustrator, initially based out of Jaipur, started sketching all the food she consumed in 2015 in a journal. The beautiful illustrations and the accompanying blog posts ended up gaining enough popularity that now it is all published in a book!


This account is genuinely magical. Levitating pots and pans, fruits and veggies, eggs and meat and even the perfect bite of spaghetti – what’s not to love! We don’t know how these photos are created. Honestly, we don’t care; we just can’t stop staring.


 Food is colourful, and Brittany Wright is known for her beautiful #foodgradient creations. She makes use of everything from fruits and vegetables, flowers, pasta, crackers, macarons, and even leaves for some stunning and artsy food photos.


Chocolate Chip Birthday Cookies because someone thought I was in high school last week! (I'm almost 28!)

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Lindsay Nathanson – the brains behind this account knows that sprinkles are everything that is right with this world. She has created a stunning feed of sweets coated in sprinkles to make everything look that much prettier and happier. Follow @sprinklesforbreakfast to add a huge dose colour and sugar to your Instagram feed.


Just a bunch of photos of the cutest babies drooling over the most delicious food they can’t always eat in New York City! Enough said.


This one is for every OCD food lover. This account features hearty, sumptuous breakfasts from around the globe, placed in perfect symmetry.


Let’s face it – we have all tried to nail that food in the air shot with our cone of gelato in Florence or our massive cookies with New York City’s skyline. This account posts some of the most perfect #FITA shots from around the world to create a beautiful feed while simultaneously educating us on the best food trends from around the globe.


Season of the Witch ?(Stay for a spell ? #igstory ) #leesamantha #halloween #foodart

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Samantha Lee figured out how to get her kids to eat their veggies. And boy are we lucky that she did! Her food art is intricate, made with staple kitchen ingredients and 100 percent edible.


Unlike most us, who create collages using images from old magazines and newspapers, Julie Lee uses food and ingredients from her kitchen. The results are aesthetically pleasing pieces of art.



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This account brings some major cuteness to food photography. Her motto is, “I play with butter.” And the result of that is photos that feature buttery cupcakes, cookies and doughnuts with adorable, cartoony faces and characters.

Now go double tap on all these beautiful food photos, and also on our own very fabulous Instagram account as well, of course!