Where to Eat in Delhi, According to Those Who Know!

By Devika Pathak October 11, 2017

I don’t think the Delhi vs Mumbai debate will ever let up because whether you are a Delhiite or Mumbaikar, the one thing we have in common is that we love our cities. Almost like rival siblings, Delhi and Mumbai are so different yet are somehow very connected. They are both metropolitan cities with a vast F&B and nightlife industry and both cities see lots of great food. Delhi seems to have become the food mecca of India in the past few years with incredible standalone restaurants popping up all over. While I was planning a trip to our northern neighbour, I figured it might be smart to find out where all the cool kids are eating these days. And by cool kids I mean people who like their food, a lot.

Aashna Singh, Co-Founder, OLIO


Aashna runs OLIO which is one of my favourite fashion brands in India. Their designs are super unique, and unlike anything, you will see anywhere else. They also use great fabrics, so you know that you’re buying a quality garment. I’ve also known Aashna for (almost) my entire life, and we’ve always been able to connect over our love for food. Here are her tips for your next New Delhi trip.

Fuji in Connaught Place for the best ramen in Delhi. I also love their miso aubergine and katsu curry.”

Burma Burma, which is very un-Delhi like because it’s vegetarian, but the food is so fresh and flavoursome. I love their salad platter, steamed buns, kaffir lime cooler and their unique dessert selection. The service is fantastic too.”

Mahabelly for appams, vegetarian stew and mutton varattiyathu! Comfort food at its best.”

Mahabelly; Image: fwdlife

Mahabelly; Image: fwdlife

Rakshay Dhariwal, Restauranteur


Image – dssc.co

You may have seen Rakshay hanging around at one of his incredible establishments, places that have made serious marks in the Delhi culinary scene. He started out with the country’s most well-known speakeasy bar, PCO and has moved on to create an empire of exciting gastronomic concepts. He gives us his favourite picks and swears he isn’t being biased but just loves the food his brands serve up!

“I enjoy PCO for the fact that I can get pretty much any cocktail imaginable, it’s the perfect spot for a Friday or Saturday night out.”

“I can’t get enough of the Handmade Tagliatelle with Porcini & Morels at ATM Bistro. It’s also the best date night destination in the city (I swear!).”


ATM; Image – Facebook

Ping’s Café Orient is perfect for when you’re craving a little spice. The Hainanese Chicken rice is my go-to healthy lunch.”

“And just to mix things up, I’d like to add DIVA in GK2 for not only having the best wine list in Delhi but also serving up a mean Duck Ravioli and Chamomile Negroni.”

Kaabia Grewal, Co-Founder, Outhouse Jewellery


Kaabia and her sister Sasha are the lovely faces behind Outhouse Jewellery, a brand that has taken the Indian fashion space by storm. From having a small start-up enterprise only a few years ago, the brand has exploded to the point that you can’t find a celebrity who isn’t decked out in at least one or two Outhouse pieces. Kaabia and I have very similar tastes in food which is why I knew she would be a great person to ask about where to eat in Delhi.

“You can ask anyone in Delhi where the best Italian food is served, and I promise you they will all say Artusi(well at least the clever ones will!). The owners are from the Emilia Romagna region in Italy which means that you’re getting the most authentic Italian you can find in the city. You cannot leave without trying the Prosciutto e Melone, homemade pasta and of course- the tiramisu!”



“I love Japanese food, and Akira Black is where I go when I feel a sushi craving coming on. Apart from their much Instagrammed Tuna Pizza, I love the décor here. It’s super sleek, sophisticated and high-glam.”

“Although the menu at Town Hall traverses the Orient, I only ever eat the sushi when I’m here. They have an incredible team, and honestly, every dish I’ve tried till date has been excellent. The staff is quite well-informed so go ahead and ask them for recommendations.”

Town Hall; Image: Trip Advisor

Town Hall; Image: Trip Advisor

Anjali Batra, Founder, Food Talk India


Anjali is the founder of India’s largest food community, Food Talk. If you know Anjali then you know two things about her; she loves her food and if there’s anything she loves more than food- that may be gin. Anjali has some great Delhi tips, so I always ask her what’s new and exciting.

Lavaash By Saby has big bold flavours and soul food that hits all the right spots, but the one thing that gets me going back more than anything else is their Pide. This is a freshly baked boat-shaped bread loaded with cheese, runny eggs and an extra side of bacon- like really, how can you say no?”

Perch in Vasant Vihar is my day to night kind of place. You’ll often find me nestled in the corner with my laptop, a cold brew and a super bowl followed by their beautiful barley risotto or warm salad for lunch. For the evening, I recommend their small plates and cocktails.The space has a certain charm and warmth that is inviting and safe, yet at the same time has this feeling of luxe.”

Perch; Image - Facebook

Perch; Image – Facebook

“If I don’t say this enough, I should because I genuinely believe that if I had to live on three ingredients alone, they would be bread, eggs and butter. So, it’s no surprise that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and Fig & Maple, a standalone brunch spot, is one of my favourite haunts. With a massive focus on eggs, I’ve been able to satisfy even my eggiest desires. Their Eggs Benedict with Salmon is wild, and their waffles and pancakes are equally beautiful. Don’t forget to try their signature Fig & Maple salad as well!”

Fig & Maple- https://www.facebook.com/figandmapledelhi/photos/a.1880995812131446.1073741828.1851587938405567/1910761882488172/?type=3&theater

Fig & Maple; Image – Facebook