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By Yamini Walia September 28, 2018
In Talks With Yavasura

Who isn’t a fan of craft beers? Personally, I prefer them over regular beers and I love that we’re seeing a rise in homegrown brewers at the moment.

For this #StayTipsy piece, I am introducing you to Pune’s latest discovery, Yavasura. Yavasura means a barley-based alcohol (beer) in Sanskrit and their logo is a Y, which also represents a beer glass. Co-founded by two brothers, Ameya Mehendale and Partha Mehendale, the brewery is an ode to their love for craft beers. I spoke to Ameya to learn more about the thought behind the brand and his passion for craft beers.

Tell us about your journey so far.

When I was studying in Boston as an engineering graduate, I discovered my obsession for craft beers. With access to a lot of great beers, I was exposed to home brewing. With a couple of other grads, this became a weekend activity – brewing, bottling and drinking homebrewed beer while fishing! Equipped with this knowledge, I returned to India in 2013.

The initial struggle was real; from sourcing ingredients to using alternates. We malted our own grains, used baker’s yeast and a peculiar hops powder that was marked ‘Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine’. It was a good learning curve! The passion for great beer kept us going, and we pushed on.

After years of waiting, we finally served our beers this month at a fest, and the response was overwhelming. We were truly grateful for the support we received.

Yavasura Beers

Yavasura Beers

Tell us about your beers. What makes them unique?

We want to offer a spectrum of beers and help people understand, appreciate and access craft beers, without them being too overbearing. Keeping this in mind, we created three recipes. Two of them are classics i.e. Belgian Witbier and a Cream Stout, and one is a unique homegrown-style recipe of Basil Peppercorn Witbier. We intend to grow with and cater to our audience, one beer at a time!

Which ingredients have you particularly highlighted in your range and why?

We have a home garden, and we spend a lot of time tending to it. Naturally, we try to use these ingredients that we love and understand (by the virtue of having grown them) in our brewing. The Basil Peppercorn Witbier is a result of that!

Parth at the rooftop garden

Partha at the rooftop garden

What’s your ultimate goal with Yavasura?

We believe that a lot of memories are created around beer, be it your first beer, or a celebratory moment in one’s life; we want to play our part by offering good beer to help craft these memories.

Secondly, we want to help people understand beer better. We want to build a community while demystifying craft beer and making it more accessible.

According to you, what are the benefits of being an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but we feel it’s worth it. Being in control of your life is the largest advantage that it offers. You can spend your time meaningfully while pursuing your passion, without sacrificing too much on your lifestyle. In addition, there is a constant learning (we don’t believe in following the status quo). Finally, it feels good to see the joy on people’s faces when they try out our beers!

And, what makes it a challenge?

Starting your own business can be more challenging than a regular job as there is a wider scope of work. The risk it carries is very real, with every decision carrying a lot of weight. While it’s not a drawback but things like relationships (personal or professional), strength of character and the ability to work hard are tested in multiple ways.

Parth And Ameya At The Brewery

Partha And Ameya At The Brewery

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

We’re a team of three including both of us and a brewer. We have two amazing interns, who sometimes get their college mates to help us brew. Without their support and faith, it would’ve been very difficult for us to pursue our passion efficiently!

Planning a trip to Pune just for Yavasura wouldn’t be a bad idea, would it? I can’t wait to get my hands on their range of beers!