Japanese Cookie Brand Yoku Moku Is Opening A Store!

By Mumbai Foodie July 28, 2017
A selection of treats from Yoku Moku | Image: theqoo.net

Yoku Moku is a Japanese cookie brand founded in 1970 by Noriichi Fujinawa.

Since then, Yoku Moku operates in uncompromising Japanese fashion – to offer nothing short of the most sophisticated cookies your money can buy.

The average Yoku Moku cookie is wrapped in thin yet tough paper before being stacked in bundles of three. Each sleek steel container houses twelve such cookies, all of which are dreamily light with a filling that flirts with the divine.


Gifting delicious treats | Image: http://sweets.seriouseats.com

Yoku Moku boxes make for perfect gifting. | Image: sweets.seriouseats.com

Noriichi’s passion and attention to detail for confectionery makes Yoku Moku the international success that it is. Their range of cookies and cigars is made out of pure butter while other ingredients used are in their purest form. Because most normal cookies are prone to breaking easily, Yoku Moku introduced cigar rolls that stay intact.

Amongst other delicious delicacies are the Double Chocolate Blanc, Yoku Moku also offers Billet Aux Amandes – a cookie made by sprinkling almonds atop its fold, White Chocolate Cookies, Cigare Au The, Cigare Au Chocolat and more.

Yoku Moku was inspired by a small town in northern Sweden where the weather is severely cold, but homemade confectioneries and cookies keep the people warm.

Following this heartwarming and simple tale, Yoku Moku will open shop in Fort on 12th August!