3 Unique Ice Cream Brands To Explore In Mumbai

By Mallika Dabke June 5, 2018

If there’s one food item that I can never say no to, it’s ice cream. There’s not a day in the entire year when it’s too cold to say no to a scoop (or two). Thanks to (or not?) the boiling temperatures we’ve been given, our city’s chefs have been quietly pushing the boundaries when it comes to world-class ice creams, in terms of quality and flavours.

Below, we talk about three of our favourite Mumbai brands creating ice cream that has the potential to make you forget about Mango Dollies and Cornettos for the rest of summer.


The Parfait Co.

A Le Cordon Bleu Paris Alumni, Sharmeen Indorewala introduced the concept of parfait to Mumbai back in October 2014. ‘Parfait’ in French, means ‘perfect’. Dessert parfait is a classic cold French dessert that is served in fine dining establishments all over Europe. After serving her parfait at a start-up restaurant in South Bombay, Sharmeen ventured out on her own, and TPC was conceptualised as the world’s first packaged parfait brand that delivers from Cuffe Parade to Mahim.


“Our biggest differentiator is the fact that we are the first brand in the world to package French parfait and in doing so, have managed to create a whole new category for ourselves. We have introduced the Indian audience to a superior ice cream experience at home.”, says Sharmeen. Her vision for the brand’s future, is a tub in everyone’s home freezer!


Sharmeen is always exploring flavours, and seasonality plays a big role in developing flavours. “When choosing a new flavour, we try to find a balance between what the audiences are looking for, my own inspirations and what we can source at the time.”, says Sharmeen, and the same ideology has brought around flavours like a Limited Edition Matcha parfait, Diwali special Bon Bons, Halloween inspired Pumpkin Spice Maple flavour, Christmas special parfait cookie sandwiches and of course, summer special fresh alphonso parfait.

The best part about the business, for Sharmeen, is bringing people the joy of eating parfait.

Sharmeen recommends: Salted caramel being a personal favourite with its perfect balance of richness from the caramel and saltiness to cut the sweetness. The French Vanilla which has become a go-to flavour for me with its silky velvety texture and comforting palette experience.


Peko Peko

Peko Peko is the Japanese phrase for rumbling sounds our stomachs make when we’re hungry. This Andheri based ice cream shop has a very simple outlook towards ice cream, summarised in their tag line: Ice Cream Therapy.

Le Cordon Bleu Alumni, pastry chef Rishab Verma, set up Peko Peko noticing the lack of quality ice cream parlours in the city. The logic behind creating Peko Peko’s ice creams, is simple: serving familiar and new ice cream flavours, by plating them in a fine-dining style, topped with homemade toppings and garnishes. As an added bonus, Peko Peko ice creams are hand-churned. Operating out of a 20-seater café, they also serve milkshakes, and have a dedicated affogato bar.

With ice cream considered a popular go-to guilty pleasure in low moments, Peko Peko serves you ice cream that really gives you the feel-good notion. They have a variety of “therapies”, and you can choose right from a white chocolate passion fruit ice cream, with almond biscotti shards, to a low fat and dairy free green apple basil sorbet, served with coconut water jelly and dehydrated pomelo.


Peko Peko can be called Andheri’s hidden gem, but the love for their ice cream is gaining momentum. “A guest made a special request for to carry our ice cream all the way back to London! It sounded challenging but a letter to the airline and special packing did the job… it was overwhelming that Peko Peko has made it internationally!”. Rishab recalls.

About what makes Peko Peko stand out, he says, “We disrupt the existing status quo of age-old bland flavours of cup and cone experiences by showcasing flavours that are available nowhere else and are truly one of a kind.”

With regards to the future of the brand, Rishab promises to keep pushing the boundaries and experimenting with flavours, to introduce us to tastes we never dreamed of!

Rishab recommends: My current favourites are the Passion Fruit Sorbet and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Ice-cream.

Bono Boutique Ice Cream

Having previously featured Bono Boutique Ice Cream in our Indie Eats section, we’ve always been big fans of Bono for their flavours that truly cross the boundaries of our feeble imaginations.

Yet another Le Cordon Bleu alum, founder and chef Alyssa Chesson’s vision is all about breaking the dessert norm.

After feeling saturated with mass producing brownies, her frustration led her to a breakthrough which led to her popular Milk Chocolate Bacon ice cream. And so followed her range of eyebrow-raising and befuddling ice creams like the Blue Cheese Honey, Lavender Honey, White Chocolate Passion Fruit, and more.

Chef Alyssa and her sister Simone are hands on at Bono. They make the ice cream themselves every day, making sure that the personalised touch remains. Currently, they have two outlets in the city: one in Kemps Corner, and the other at Bandra Bandstand.


For me food is my passion that I wanted to be my profession. Studying at one of the best culinary schools definitely taught me a lot and gave me immense practical training. Having said that, at the end of the day it depends on how you put your knowledge to use. Dedication and hard work is what gives one an edge. “, says Alyssa about her vision behind Bono. She and her sister also run another brand called Caramel Carousel which specialises in Profiteroles and Croquembouche Towers.

In the future, she would love for the brand to serve their cutting-edge ice creams pan India.

Alyssa recommends: I have to say my favourite flavours to make and eat freshly churned are White Chocolate Passion Fruit and Blue Cheese Honey.


With Mumbai’s chefs stretching the boundaries of something as simple and popular as ice cream, it gives us a sense of pride. These brands are unmissable if you truly love yourself a frozen delicacy to help save you from the surreal temperatures of Bombay. It’s what I’m going to stock up on when I sit in bed watching the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy.