A Day in Our Life With 7UP Revive

By Partner May 1, 2017

The thing about working as a food blogger is that we get to try way too much food! While there are dishes to look forward to every other day, it’s important to fit into the same clothes. So, we start our day by hitting the gym so that we can recognise ourselves. We pack some essentials, along with our new-found saviour: 7UP Revive! After sweating it out, this helps as a sweat loss recharge drink to keep us active.



Commuting to work right now feels like we’re bang in the middle of May, with every mode of transport full of sweaty, sticky people, and we survive our commute, a bit drained out like everyone else. What most people don’t see is that one loses fluids and essential electrolytes when you sweat, and that’s how the damage is done. A couple of swigs of 7UP Revive is like a ‘Refresh’ button on your average computer.




In the air-conditioned shelter that is our office, we type away, check out all the social media platforms Mumbai Foodie has accounts on, and laugh at a meme (or twenty). If there’s a client to meet, we try to set up the most convenient spot – a charming cafe nearby. It’s too humid to walk, but we do it anyway because sitting all day is nobody’s idea of fun. Our bottle of 7UP Revive comes along, just in case we want another sip on the hellishly hot walk.




This cafe has an outdoor section with plenty of shade, and we have a special table we like for its gentle breeze. Outside food and drinks may be discouraged, but we took a sip from our bright blue bottle anyway.




Other than water, a cool bottle of 7 UP Revive helps to keep us hydrated and replenished. After talking to the chefs at the delivery outlet that sent us a hearty tasting of Biryani, we took a break and found a park to read a book. The blue bottle came with us because we’re wise enough to sip on it while the sun extracts sweat (along with essential electrolytes) from us.

The satisfying, barely sweet taste is currently our most familiar friend when we want sanity in this weather.



A productive day with 3 articles going on the website makes us really hungry. Like true locals of the city, we need an occasional bite of spicy street food. After work, we get a Bhelpuri on the way to the station. The train is coming along, and the last sips of our 7UP Revive prep us for the local train royal rumble that plays out as we board a fast train home.