Inside All Elements | A Look At Khar’s Home Decor Cafe

By Mallika Dabke May 4, 2018

With the surge of neighbourhood cafes opening up in the city recently, you know it means something when one catches our attention. From the outside, All Elements Café looks just like one of those quaint little bistros that serves a simple menu of great coffee and cute desserts. From the inside, however, it is much more than just that. All Elements brings the ideas of Ravvpreet Chadha to life as she brings two things close to her heat together – food, and home décor. While she has no formal training in either of the two spheres, she does have a spectacular eye.

The small café has two sections, one indoors, and the other al fresco. The café is lined with eclectic wooden tables and cane chairs and has a relatively simple feel to it, barring all the home décor items on sale that litter every wall, nook and corner of the small café.  What I appreciated, is that the décor items on sale were all placed so tastefully – as if they already belonged in their place. The items didn’t overpower the café, and vice-versa.

It’s very clear to the eye that every item on sale has been well thought out and selected by Ravvpreet. While she has also conceptualized the menu at All Elements, it has been supported by a coffee and desserts menu by Kala Ghoda Café and superfoods by MO Kefir.

Mango Melange - Mango Milkshake - All Elements

The thick and bold Mango Milkshake at All Elements.

From their season’s special mango menu, we began our meal with a tall glass of Mango Melange – a fresh mango milkshake made with soya milk. Every sip was a burst of a bold mango flavour, and just what we needed after travelling through the blistering heat. On the same fresh note, the next thing we went in for was the chicken Ceaser Salad. Even though this was a very simple choice, the tedner chicken and well-seasoned salad was one of our top choices among everything we ate.

All Elements - Flatlay

Next, we indulged in a number of appetizers. The Loaded Potato Skins were like mini jacket potatoes stuffed with corn and cheese. While the dish wasn’t exceptionally innovative, you can’t go too wrong with some cheese and potatoes, right?

The Lemon Coriander Fish Fingers acted like a good snack, but I felt like both the fish fingers and tartare sauce that came with them, felt like they were sourced from the frozen section of a supermarket. I felt the same way about the Nachos – they tasted like they were straight out of a packet, with a side of packaged salsa and cheese sauce. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to use products like this, I feel like if they are made in house, it just adds to the dining experience and of course, flavours.  

Hummus Kulcha - All Elements

Hummus and Pita Bread at All Elements.

The Hummus Kulcha was a safe order. A portion of hummus was surrounded by warm pieces of pita bread. However, I was expecting an actual kulcha stuffed with hummus, maybe? It could have been a fun, different element on the menu.

Pollo Peperonata Pizza - All Elements

The Pollo Peperonata Pizza at All Elements.

For our mains, we went for a Pollo Peperonata Pizza, and a Mango Al Forno Spaghetti from their mango menu. The pizza was a basic chicken pizza with bell peppers and onions, and it was too average for me to have anything to say about it. The spaghetti with the mango sounded really exciting on paper but was…so boring when served. It was just a mildly creamy spaghetti with a mango flavour and had no seasoning or any other ingredient to elevate the flavour or to introduce a texture in the dish.

Chocolate Almond Cake - All Elements

The divine and delicious Chocolate Almond Cake with Cream by Kala Ghoda Cafe.

What truly stepped up our afternoon, was everything that came from the KGC Menu. We ended our meal with a Macchiato and a Chocolate Almond Cake served with cream. The cake felt sinfully delicious and was the best part of afternoon.

What we think you should go back for, is the entire KGC menu, especially since everyone from this side of the sea-link had been missing out on the gorgeous coffee blends and desserts from South Bombay for so long. We recommend All Elements as a home décor shopping spot, for their cool prints and handmade crockery which is truly well curated, and for a cup of coffee with dessert.