Ingredient Spotlight: Avocado Dishes in Mumbai

By Mumbai Foodie April 28, 2017

Avocado has been a trending F&B ingredient, in case you haven’t noticed. The fleshy, creamy texture can improve most dishes you name, and we came across a range of interesting dishes that use this healthy fruit. It’s used in absolutely every course possible, as you’ll soon realize.

Here’s where to get your avocado fix!


Kitchen Garden by Suzette, Bandra

With avocado, raw mango, kale, and lime, the Green Smoothie has a delicate flavour and a balanced, refreshing consistency.


District Lounge, Kemps Corner 


This pub serves its take on the classic gimlet, a classic cocktail made of gin & lime juice. The Avocado Gimlet has avocado and apple schnapps, making it trendy summer drink.


The Pantry, Fort


The rustic, quaint café offers an Avocado Salad with quinoa, red lentils, and cucumber served with homemade ricotta & fresh pomegranate.


La Folie Lab, Bandra


There’s much more to La Folie than desserts, proof of which lies in their Avocado Bowl – containing peas & mint, celery, chunky avocado, tomato guacamole, and puffed, chipotle-spiced grains. Snacks, anybody?


It Happened in New York, Bandra Reclamation


Modern classic Avocado on Toast is served best at this America-inspired restaurant. Creamed avocado is spread on a rye toast, and comes with a choice of salad or fries.


Asia Kitchen & Bar, Saki Naka


The Avocado Open Bao is finished with teriyaki, pickled cucumber, and spicy mayo.


Woodside Inn, Colaba 


Some more butter poached seafood in the form of Prawn Avocado Roll – butter poached prawns with citrus sauce and guacamole.


Pa Pa Ya, Lower Parel & Colaba


With their common Mexico roots, the Tacos at Pa Pa Ya have a Grilled Chicken Avocado variation. The taco shell is made of the Japanese Gyoza sheet, and stuffed with beer battered avocado, scallion kimchi, topped with mozzarella.


One Street Over, Bandra

Although we usually resort to finger food and bar snacks here, their Cauliflower Rice with mushroom, confit tomatoes, avocado, and other veggies is a fun way to eat the creamy green fruit.


Theory, Lower Parel

Tuna Tartare here has avocado guacamole and tuna sprinkled with sesame, served in their in-house Ponzu. The tartness from the Ponzu combines well with the fresh tuna cubes and creamy guacamole.


Burma Burma, Fort

Smokey Avocado & Honey Pearls Ice Cream here is diving proof that avocado can go into anything. Vanilla pods, honey, lime, fresh cream, milk, and hass avocado are used to make this unique ice cream.