Mezaya Brings Middle Eastern Desserts To The City Indie Eats

By Mallika Dabke November 2, 2018
Mezaya Does Chocolate Baklava Guys!

Although geographically close to us, Middle Eastern treats haven’t been as accessible in our city as I would’ve imagined. If you’re tired of hearing your well-travelled friends rave on about Turkish Delights and buttery baklava, Mezaya is the only name you need to know! I spoke to c’s founder Shazia Ahmed, and got an insight into everything that Mezaya is about. Read our conversation below. 

Give us a broad view of Mezaya. Who is the team and what made you start it?

At Mezaya, we bake authentic Middle Eastern desserts like baklavas, kunafe, busbosa and other confectionaries. We’re a small team made up of logistics, packaging and me, the chef. 

There’s just one, simple reason I started Mezaya – to satisfy my sweet-tooth! Desserts have always fascinated me with their sheer variety, and it’s my passion which has led me to set up my own business in the form of Mezaya. 

As a chef and entrepreneur are you self-taught or do you have a background in the hospitality industry?

I am self-taught for the most past. I have done a course of baking in Middle Eastern desserts and sweets and I have also worked in a Turkish restaurant in Dubai. 

Very few other bakers in the city are making the same food like you. What made you select such a different path?

Thanks to my dependable sweet tooth, I had been trying to push the envelope when it comes to the dessert space. I knew there was so much to explore beyond cakes and pastries so I decided to travel through the Middle East and was able to experience a whole new dessert world. While I was tasting these new flavours and techniques, I realised how well these would do with a typical Indian palate. So, we do stick to authenticity, but we also have our own distinctive fusions and combinations when it comes to desserts. 

Authentic Middle Eastern Desserts, Freshly Baked.

Authentic Middle Eastern Desserts, Freshly Baked.

What is your setup like, and what is the functionality?

Our setup is more like a studio. As we give our consumers only freshly baked baklavas, they are all made to order. Currently we are doing deliveries only, and the order is taken a day prior to delivery. We deliver in all parts of the city.   

Where do you source your ingredients from? Are they local or do you import them?

We have a combination of both, some of our ingredients are from local and some are imported from the Middle East. 

What is your favourite item from the menu, and which are the best-selling ones?

The Mezaya Coco Flower, a little filo pastry with chocolate, is my favourite item from the menu. The best-selling ones so far are the Baklava Angle. 

The Mezaya Coco Flower

The Mezaya Coco Flower

What has the response been like?

It has been good so far. People are accepting the new trick o treat in town and the most important to me is that they are loving the flavours. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in your business?

The only challenge I actually face is that people aren’t very aware about Middle Eastern cuisine, which is something that we’re trying really hard to overcome by ensuring our desserts are delicious enough for the word to spread! 

What’s next for Mezaya?

Middle Eastern sweets aren’t just baklavas and kunafe, there is a lot to add on to the menu of Mezaya as there as there is so much more to be tried and explored by people.

You Can Customise The Shape Of Your Baklava At Mezaya

You Can Customise The Shape Of Your Baklava At Mezaya

You can reach out to Mezaya for orders on their Instagram page here, or call them on +919152105433.

P.s – isn’t this a great time to order Mezaya treats to switch up your Diwali gifts?!