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By Nidhi Mehra August 15, 2018
Breakfast Is Why We Want To Get Out Of Bed Everyday!

Most mornings, the only thing getting me out of bed is thinking about what I’m going to eat for breakfast. I never miss a meal and treat breakfast as almost sacred. Whether it’s a healthy breakfast bowl and smoothie, a South Indian feast or a hearty helping of bacon and eggs; Mumbai has got some great options when it comes to how you start your day. Breakfast meetings are becoming increasingly popular putting my favourite time of day in the spotlight! Here are our favourite breakfast spots in Mumbai.

1). The Nutcracker

 Bandra and Kala Ghoda

This cozy spot with quirky interiors arms itself with great hot chocolate and pancakes for breakfast dates. Their All-Day Breakfast menu features classic eggs, waffles, toast, and more.

This is the perfect spot to grab a table, order an indulgent meal and work, especially since their Bandra outlet offers ample seating.

Opens at: 9 AM.

2). Kyani & Co.


Known to be one of Bombay’s iconic Irani food joints, Kyani & Co. dishes out fresh chicken puffs, toast, kharis and more every morning. What better way to start your day than by munching on a buttery pav, dipped in spicy keema while sipping on a steaming cup of Irani chai? I prefer going here as soon as the sun rises so I don’t risk running into someone who wants to start counting calories!

Opens at: 7 AM

Irani Breakkie. image Source

Irani Breakkie. Image Source

3). Jamjar Diner

Versova & Bandra

Luckily for me, my gym happens to be two minutes away from Versova’s Jamjar Diner which means you will find me there accompanied by the JJ’s Breakfast at least once a week! Expect fluffy French toast, picture-perfect smoothie bowls, decadent waffles, layered eggs Benedict and more. The Eggs Florentine is my personal favourite as it features a soft brioche topped with poached eggs, cheesy mushrooms and spinach! Sounds so wholesome, doesn’t it?

Opens at: 9 AM

Breakfast For Champions At JamJar Diner!

Breakfast For Champions At Jamjar Diner!

4). The Pantry


Nestled in the by lanes of Kala Ghoda, The Pantry is home to some of the healthiest and most diverse breakfast dishes I’ve come across. I usually start my meal with the Breakfast Smoothie Bowl which is made with organic avocado, fresh banana, baked granola, jowar flakes and kefir milk. If that isn’t your cup of tea then I suggest check out their Activated Charcoal Waffles topped with fresh avocados and a tomato salsa, served with a garlic aioli on the side or you can opt for the Naga Chilli Mushroom Omelette.

Opens at: 8:30 AM


5). Cafe Condi


I recently visited this cosy, quaint spot tucked away in a quiet lane in Bandra and was pleasantly delighted with my experience there. This newly opened creperie has a small menu with a few sweet and savoury crepes on offer. They also have an All-Day Breakfast menu which has breakfast trays from the classic Full English breakfast to a Full French one. I tried the Full American breakfast which had scrambled eggs, toast, a stack of pancakes and bacon made in an in-house special preparation. Head here on those days when you are too lazy to wake up early for breakfast.

Opens at: 11 AM

6). Social

Multiple outlets

This popular chain of pubs has a breakfast menu made in hangover heaven. Their Hungover Breakfast tray serves up a virgin Bloody Mary, eggs, bacon, bananas and toast. Additionally,if you were partying there the previous night, flash them your bill and get a discount on this breakfast tray. On days where I’m less fragile, I usually order the Irani Omelette which is fluffy, spicy and is served with a soft bun. Do note that their outposts in Versova and Carter Road also serve coffee from Roasted Today and that just makes the whole experience here a whole lot better.

Opens at: 9 AM

7). Hotel Ramashray


We already know Matunga is the home of Udipi food in Mumbai and if you ever find yourself here in the morning, you cannot miss Hotel Ramashray. This popular eatery has a no-nonsense, page long menu that offers idlis, dosas, uttapa, medu vada and puri bhaji for you to savour. People are always rushing in for their frothy and super delicious filter coffee while I can never resist digging into their super soft and fluffy idlis with rasam.

Opens at: 5 AM

8). Kitchen Garden by Suzette


A millennial’s guide to healthy eating would most probably recommend Kitchen Garden, for their fresh and organic morning kick-starters. I love that you can customize your salads and sandwiches here. Plus, their breads are baked fresh and taste divine! Health junkies can treat themselves to a serving of gluten free pancakes or the Chocolate Granola Pancakes, made with homemade almond milk. Also, if you’re pressed for time and just need a quick boost of energy, swing by and get something from their ‘Grab and Go Fridge’ that is stocked up with fresh proteins, cold-pressed juices, desserts and snacks.

Opens at: 9 AM

9).   Aswad Katta


For days when you’re feeling extra energetic, head over to Aswad Katta for an authentic and hearty Maharashtrian breakfast. Try out the pohe, misal pav and kothambir vadi rolls for a taste of Mumbai’s heritage. This is as close to a home-cooked meal as I’m ever going to get!

Opens at: 8:30 AM

10). Le Pain Quotidien

Powai, BKC and Lower Parel

Get transported to the streets of Paris at this authentic French restaurant. This is one of those spots where I go for a gourmet breakfast. Here you can get freshly baked croissants, pastries, muffins and brioche just like the French eat on a daily basis. They even have three types of set breakfasts to choose from. Team your meal with their delicious Belgian Hot Chocolate for a satisfying start to your day.

Opens at: 8 AM

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Whether you are craving idlis, eggs, pancakes, chillas, puri-bhaji or a gujju breakkie fix, this list has you sorted. Bookmark this and now you know where to go for a spectacular breakfast! Tag us on Instagram whenever you head out to indulge in a hearty breakkie and share your favourite breakfast spots with us.