Best Coffee Shops to Work From | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke August 21, 2018

I appreciate anyone who manages to have a productive work day from home. I’ve tried really hard to focus while at home, but then my dog looks like he needs a snack. Then I see a notification on Instagram, and sit down on the edge of my bed for just a moment. Next thing I know, I’m watching a mindless Vine compilation on YouTube two hours later, with nothing more than the title of my next essay typed on my laptop screen. After spending endless wasted days at home, the only thing that could help me was stepping out with my laptop, finding a quiet coffee shop, and spending hours quietly working while being refuelled by the occasional coffee.  

Reliable Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a good lot of plug points are the essentials I look out for while choosing a workspace for a few hours of the day. Thanks to procrastination, my oldest frenemy, I now have my list of go-to coffee shops in Mumbai for when I have a deadline in place that can’t be missed.


Kala Ghoda Cafe, Kala Ghoda

Dark Chocolate Waffles - Kala Ghoda Cafe

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White brick walls, plants, and a sunroof make up the small Kala Ghoda Cafe. KGC is a poster child for cute neighbourhood cafes and is always buzzing with local entrepreneurs and freelancers. Here, you can find the silence you need, with just the right amount of ambient coffee-shop chit-chat to help you focus. KGC does a beautiful coffee blend that is on the stronger side, perfect to help you kick it all day. Not only does KGC tick all the right boxes when it comes to a temporary workplace, the area it is situated in is full of art galleries, which certainly helps getting those creative juices flowing.

MF Recommends: Treat yourself to their affogato when you feel accomplished at the end of the day.


Cat Cafe Studio, Versova

You might think that sitting in a room full of cuddly friends is distracting if you’re there to work, but really, it’s just the opposite. Cats tend to have a calming effect on me, and having a furry friend napping on my lap while I focus on my laptop screen has never made me feel more cantered. Cat Cafe Studio is a foster home to at least 20 playful cats looking for a forever home. All the funds earned by the cafe are used as proceeds to take care of the cats. If you’re not a cat person (how could you!), you can pick a seat in their outside area, where there’s enough space and silence for you to focus. They have expanded their menu over time, and it features coffee, tea, finger food and desert. Another thing I like about them, is that their menu is budget-friendly, which really helps if you’re planning on staying for a good while.


August Cafe, Andheri

If you can’t tell already, I’m a sucker for friendly, neighbourhood cafes. August Cafe is a small space in Oshiwara that serves a humble European menu. I personally love the fresh breads they bake daily, so for a hearty lunch here, you should definitely go for the pizza. They have an indoor and outdoor space, but the inside is super snug. This is just the kind of place you would be revisiting day in and day out until you’re that regular customer who knows everybody on the staff and doesn’t need to look at the menu to order.


Bombay Coffee House, Fort, BKC, Linking Road

Although it’s 2018 and weak Wi-Fi should be a thing of myths by now, that, unfortunately isn’t the case. This vintage looking space has one of the strongest Wi-Fi connections of any café I’ve been to which puts it near the top of my work-from-coffee-shop list. This, coupled with their delicious coffee and budget-friendly rates have managed to attract freelancers and college students on the daily. It’s also a great spot to have meetings, because the environment in general here is very work oriented. They also have a selection of baked items like croissants and cakes, but their special blend of coffee is what’s going to really keep you grounded here.

MF Recommends: Try out their refreshing Vietnamese Coffee, it’s a personal favourite!


Le 15 Cafe, Colaba

Le 15 Cafe is tucked away behind Regal Cinema, just behind South Bombay’s busiest street, Causeway. I used to visit this spot often back in college because it was so close, and always found it littered with people silently typing away at their laptops, especially in the odd hours of the afternoon. Sunlight streams in through the large windows of this Parisian-looking cafe, so the space is very well lit no matter where you sit. Your working session at Le 15 Cafe can be accompanied by Chef Pooja Dhingra’s delectable macarons and desserts, and Chef Pablo Naranjo’s savoury dishes. Their European menu is well equipped to transition from breakfast, to lunch to tea time while your focus remains on ticking off your to-do list.

MF Recommends: Try a cup of their cute Pink Latte for the #FreelanceLife gram while you’re at it.


The Bagel Shop, Bandra

Being quaint is to a coffee shop what being cold is to an ice cream, if that makes any sense to you. The Bagel Shop in Bandra is a very fresh space, and frequently visited for work by regulars in the area. Their fresh bagel sandwiches can be the perfect meal to get you through brainstorming sessions and meetings, and they’re hearty enough to sustain you through the long hustle. They have three Wi-Fi sections, so poor internet connections will not be a worry.


Coffee by Di Bella, Multiple Outlets

There’s a Coffee by Di Bella near you no matter where you find yourself in Mumbai. This massive chain of cafes is growing by the day, and they’re designed to accommodate working professionals for long hours. They have enough plug points that are accessible to all tables, good Wi-Fi and a fun food and beverage menu. The cafes are made up of a mix of cozy corners and bar stools that sit around wide, communal tables. Each outlet is different, but the same theme runs through them all. The cafe hosts working patrons every day, so once there, you won’t feel out of place. They take their coffee very seriously, and have loads of blends and coffee brewing methods to choose from. They have recently expanded their food menu, so plenty of options are available beyond their famous waffles and freak shakes.


1 BHK -Brew House Kitchen, Andheri

1 BHK is a big and happy space that I could spend an entire day at- I think I’ve already done this a few times. The interiors are a mix of vintage and kitschy, giving the space bright character and charm. It’s an all-day dining space, with their menu covering everything from breakfast to dessert, served alongside coffee by Blue Tokai, which is a big plus. Every nook and corner of this restaurant is decorated with quirky pieces and art, which sometimes offers just the inspiration you’ve been looking for.


Chaayos, Multiple Outlets

Taking a quick break from all the coffee shops, Chaayos is probably the only chain of cafes doing justice to tea. While multiple cafes serve exotic and fancy green and white teas, Chaayos is the only one does Indian versions of teas really well. I don’t know if it’s just me, but strong, Indian teas like Cutting Chai, Kulhad Chai and Masala Chai, really give me a warm, fuzzy feeling, with an added kick. Stepping into any Chaayos outlet is an aromatic heaven, because of the scent of spices like ginger, saffron, mint, cinnamon and cardamom. They even have some snacks like pakodas and sandwiches. If you’re a chai fan, this has got to be your ultimate work space!


Now that you have a sorted list of cafes to work from to refer to, don’t let that procrastination creep up on you! Get up, get out, grab a coffee, and get to it.