The MF Hangover Cure Guide

By Nidhi Mehra November 19, 2018
Hangover Cures To Help You Through The Day.

You partied hard last night, as usual. Now it’s the morning after and you can’t face the hangover. Going back to bed isn’t an option because you need to get to work so what do you do?

Everyone’s body is different and how you heal from a hangover is different too; but here are a few hacks that always save me.

Wake up and have another drink

You must have heard about the hair of the dog, a famous hangover remedy that most Europeans swear by! This is where you go back to the thing that ‘bit’ you in the first place. I know this doesn’t sound like the best option, but it really does work. One morning I woke up with the most dreaded hangover and my friend told me to have a glass of warm beer to combat it. I did with a lot of reluctance and voila! it worked.

Now, you may question the science behind it, and from what I understand is that drinking more alcohol is believed to affect the metabolism of methanol, a well-known congener found in trace amounts in some drinks. What happens after drinking is that your body converts methanol into formaldehyde, a highly toxic substance that causes many hangover symptoms like nausea, dizziness, headaches. Consuming alcohol on the next morning can inhibit this conversion process, which eventually leads to methanol being removed harmlessly from your body via your breath and urine.

Drink Again To Counter The Hangover!

Drink Again To Counter The Hangover!

Hydrate yourself

It’s a known fact that alcohol is a diuretic as it pushes liquids out of your body. So, the more H20 you get into your system, the faster your system will refuel itself. I drink a couple of glasses before bed to avoid the horrible consequences of a hangover. However, if you don’t remember to do so, grab a bottle of water as soon as you wake up and go back to bed.

You can also try replenishing your system with coconut water, which has more electrolytes in it than sugar-based drinks. I personally love ordering in smoothies from Pishus when I’m feeling a little out of it!

Coconut Water The Full Day After I Am Hungover!

Coconut Water The Full Day After I Am Hungover!

My home remedy

My mom’s secret to curing all my hangovers has always been lemon rice with a bowl of curd. Lemon and curd speed up the detoxification process, giving your body much needed protein and removes the unwanted toxins from your stomach. If you don’t have anyone at home, order in from InnerChef and hopefully it helps!

Lemon Rice And Curd To Save The Day! Image Source

Lemon Rice And Curd To Save The Day! Image Source

Go get yourself a hearty breakfast

If my hangover isn’t too bad, I often end up getting my brekkie fix at the nearest Social outlet as their breakfast menu is made in hangover heaven. Their Hungover Breakfast tray features a virgin Bloody Mary, eggs, bacon, bananas and toast. The combination of all these elements provide an instant relief.

Eat a whole grain bread sandwich

Carbs like bread, are always a good idea as they are a source of detoxifying B vitamins and essential fatty acids. These also aid in the healing process of the liver. When I’m feeling peckish after a long night out, you can find me at The Bagel Shop (Bandra) for my sandwich fix!

Toss up a mean coleslaw salad

Chewing on a leafy salad with raw cabbage and carrots helps to cure headaches, as they are full of vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring sugars. I find that the salads from Bombay Salad Co. are as delicious as they are healthy, and you can even make your own (hangover cure) so why not try this out?

Eat some wasabi

As odd as this may sound, eating this Japanese paste after a heavy drinking night can quell your pounding head in no time. It stirs blood circulation and promotes the oxygenation of the cells, which in turn, flush out the harmful toxins that induce a bad headache. If you can’t find any wasabi near you, I suggest a sushi platter from Mainland China which is served with a side of spicy wasabi.

Wasabi Dip Can Be A Mean Hangover Cure!

Wasabi Dip Can Be A Mean Hangover Cure!


Get some beauty sleep

Lastly, try to get as much as rest and sleep as possible as this is the most natural way of curing a hangover.

I Might Just Sleep The Day Away, To Cure My Hangover.

I Might Just Sleep The Day Away, To Cure My Hangover.

Some drinks and foods to avoid:

Now a glass of OJ may seem like a refreshing cure, but it does more harm than good to your sensitive stomach because of its acidic content.

Greasy foods are a complete no-no as they interfere with your digestion process causing an upset tummy. And, no one in their right mind would want a pounding head along with an upset tummy. However, if you want to prevent a hangover, indulge in these while drinking – they insulate the stomach and prevent the alcohol from being absorbed to your stomach lining and bloodstream.

Avoid carbonated drinks with your alcohol as they speed up the alcohol absorption.

None of these hangover cures have been scientifically proven. Nonetheless, save this guide for the times you plan to go all out on alcohol and be hangover ready.