The Best Vegetarian Pizzas In Town | Dishticle

By Mallika Dabke October 12, 2017
Instagram @1tablespoon.mumbai

We know you’re probably tired of listening to your friends go on about pepperoni pizza. Nobody cares if you like pineapple on pizza because the more significant problem is that you don’t even eat non-veg pizza. If you hear another love song about a Meat Lover’s Pizza, you could hurl.

But we’ve got you! We have curated a list of great vegetarian pizzas across Mumbai, which have it in them to show it to those non-vegetarians. And so that next time, you don’t have to order a Margherita because you’re out of options.

Bombay Masala at Pizza by the Bay

We all secretly love the Indian-ness that comes through whenever any international cuisine makes its way to Mumbai. The Bombay Masala Pizza is a subtle fusion, precisely the kind we like: Indian masalas sprinkled over a cheese pizza.

Padana at Pizza Express

Anything which has caramelised onions guarantees salivating mouths. This one promises that and more with goat’s cheese, mozzarella, and spinach drizzled with garlic oil.

Pav Bhaji Pizza Pie at The Rolling Pin

At some point after the infamous Nutella dosa, we stopped questioning wild fusion foods. Pav Bhaji, Bombay’s muse, paired with a cheese pizza is a must-have for us.

 Pizza Tertullia-aah at Tertullia 

This pizza is topped with creamy spinach and unique scamorza cheese and drizzled with olive oil. Could anything make it more gourmet!

Ulta Pizza

Agreed, a very random concept, but this is a crowd favourite at a little stall behind Cumballa Hill Hospital at Kemps Corner. It is a classic Indian pizza but inverted. And slathered with butter.

1441 Pizzeria

This pizza chain allows you to customise all your pizzas from a range of gourmet toppings on their perfectly thin pizza bread. A personal toppings favourite is the combination of olives, garlic and jalapeños. Bon Appetit!

Quattro Pizza at Pi Pizzeria

There’s no denying that the familiar warmth of melted cheese on bread can be equalled to a hug. There is one such hug that comes in the form of a four cheese pizza – Parmesan, Feta, Fontal and Mozzarella. Bear Hugs for all!

Bianca Pizza at 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen

The thing about vegetarian toppings is that there are many different flavours and textures, each substantial on their own, but subtle when brought together on top of cheese and bread. Which is why the combination of onion cream sauce, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms works so well with the Bianca.

Pizza Caprese Basilico at Francesco Pizzeria

Pesto is everybody’s weak spot, we know. This pizza brings together tomatoes, bocconcini cheese with pesto drizzled on top. There’s no way you’re going to be able to order anything other than this pizza anymore.

Napoli Pizza at Via Napoli

Going back to the roots, the Napoli pizza has green olives, black olives, capers and oregano. Doesn’t get more classic than this, guys.

#Meatgasm no more.