52 Vegetarian Restaurants Killin’ It All Over Mumbai

By Mumbai Foodie November 15, 2018
A Vegetarian Food Spread!

Yep, this is it. The ultimate high-quality guide to vegetarian restaurants and casual food spots spread all over the city. After careful research (fine, lots of eating), we’ve prepped this list and hope it becomes something you’re going to love enough to keep coming back to.

Let’s start with town, shall we?

Status Veg Restaurant, Nariman Point


Image: Instagram.com/thefoodfreak15

The Godfather of all the vegetarian restaurants in the vicinity, this one thrives on deliveries as much as dine-ins. The Handi Biryani is quite possibly our best bet for a vegetarian version of the fantastic rice dish.
Quick tip: The menu is a well-rounded take on wholesome Indian food.

Swati Snacks, Nariman Point

Yep, this newer outlet has the same menu as the Tardeo branch, so you can go ahead and order plates of fantastic Panki. The clean canteen-style seating retains the fuss-free warmth we associate Swati Snacks with.

Quick tip: After the Panki Chatni, get the effortlessly light Fada ni Khichdi served with curd.

Swati Snacks. Image Source

Swati Snacks. Image Source

Spesso, Nariman Point

If it was possible to outdo New Yorker at being New Yorker, Spesso has done it. With a carb-laden menu peppered with items all about chocolate and cheese, this isn’t the sort of place to visit for a working lunch.

Quick tip: Just the sight of their dessert menu loosened our belt by one hole. Skip the boring eggless macarons though?

Burma Burma, Fort

Image: burrp.com

Image: burrp.com

We’re very pleased that a restaurant that took a risk serving Burmese food is now packed most nights even after 3 years in the business. The detailed décor makes us smile each time we drop in for a Khao Suey.
Quick tip: Try the Burmese Falafel and the interesting tea menu.

Paratha Mantra, Fort
If you thought fries shops around the city were upping their game with customizable versions, you haven’t seen the menu here. The a la carte menu lists 40 parathas, and if you’re still wanting for customization, you can even make your own paratha.
Quick tip: Chilly Cheese Paratha and Moong Dal Paratha are our go-to orders here.

The Nutcracker, Fort
These guys serve egg, but that’s pardonable for a charming place that fills up for breakfast within 5 minutes of opening on a Sunday morning, right? Get the pancakes, Burrito Bowl, Speculoos Cheesecake, and Asian Salad to begin with.
Quick tip: Lemon Tart at The Nutcracker is the cheapest, awe-inspiring citrus dessert in the city.

H Parmesha Fast Food Corner, Fort

The easiest way to have something in common with lawyers in the vicinity is to grab a bite from Parmesha. While the Corn and Masala Sandwiches are rather ace, don’t expect the moon – these are basic sandwiches served at the speed of light.
Quick tip: Don’t try to ask the people around you for free legal advice.

Relish- International Veg Cuisine, Churchgate
Ask anyone who went to the neighbouring HR and KC colleges, and they’ll confirm that pasta in paprika sauce here is tangy and delightful. Mostly Italian, the menu here offers a range of modern comfort food.
Quick tip: The dessert menu is more than half chocolate, fudge, and brownies, but it’s the Apple Pie that takes the cake.

Shree Thaker Bhojanalaya, Kalbadevi

Image: instagram.com/eisha3r

Image: instagram.com/eisha3r

Pretty much the Holy Grail of thali joints in the city. If you haven’t eaten here yet, we can’t recommend enough that you do. Visit by cab, and keep your map app on.
Quick tip: Call them and ask to prepare Bhindi, it may be the best you ever eat.

Friends Union Joshi Club, Kalbadevi
Local merchants and businessmen used to eat here alongside Dhirubhai Ambani
when he had started trading cloth. The non-glamourous décor is stuck in time, yet simple enough to not make one nostalgic.
Quick tip: Wear pyjamas and don’t expect parking.

B Bhagat Tarachand, Kalbadevi
Although the family business has split into A, B, and K Bhagat Tarachands respectively, this outlet is the seed from which all the branches have spouted. Famous for serving lassi and chaas in beer bottles, Bhagat Tarachand is known for homely recipes that occasionally have enough oil to be a teenager’s skin.
Quick tip: Paneer Bhurji is a reliable, light order here.

The Belgian Waffle Co, Chowpatty
With outlets all over the city now, this 100% vegetarian chain makes their waffles fresh. After 15-20 minutes of patience, you get to hold your own warm, sweet, custom indulgence dessert. Isn’t that dreamy?
Quick tip: We’re partial to Honey or Maple Butter, and the PB&J versions.

Belgian Waffle, Yum!

Belgian Waffle, Yum!

Vinay Health Home, Charni Road
The mix of Maharashtrian and South Indian fast food makes Vinay a destination for pretty much anybody. What the place lacks in look and feel, it makes up for with ridiculously wholesome food at 20th century prices.
Quick tip: Go Puneri Misal or go home.

Crystal, Chowpatty
If you know someone living away from home in Mumbai that often misses homely food, take them to Crystal. With dishes like Baingan ka Bharta, Rajma, and Palak Paneer on the menu, the simple, inexpensive food will do the same trick that a flight home might.
Quick tip: We dare you to spend over Rs 300 on a meal for two here.

Cream Centre, Chowpatty
Nachos that taste of childhood nostalgia and Onion Rings that make us want to sneak in booze are the two best dishes to order here. We do wish they had a better view of the outside though, especially so you can feel grateful on being inside when you see half of Walkeshwar waiting for a table.
Quick tip: Order the Chole Bhature, but ask for your portion without the unnecessary potato.

Soam, Chowpatty

Batatanu Shaak Puri w/ Shrikhand at Soam. Image: Instagram.com/petupetkar

Batatanu Shaak Puri w/ Shrikhand at Soam. Image: Instagram.com/petupetkar

This outlet wins bonus marks for fresh sugarcane juice, a seasonal menu, and a take on food that balances the traditional with occasional modern twists. Even though it often has a small crowd waiting outside, we think it remains underrated.
Quick tip: Dig into Masala Bhaat, anything from the Khichdi menu and Jowar Pita Pockets.

Sukh Sagar, Chowpatty
Famous for its well-rounded, buttery Pav Bhaji and a rather fiery Masala Pav, Sukh Sagar has some surprises up its sleeve. For example, the Veg Fried Rice can be rather unique.
Quick tip: Ordering from other parts of the menu is as unnecessary as making gorillas wear flip flops.

Govinda’s, Chowpatty
While you may not expect the most underrated wood-fired pizza in the city to be blessed by the lord, it is. Along with blessings, you can also expect fresh sauce and handmade dough baked in an oven from imported from Italy, and mozzarella that stretches like its fresh off yoga bootcamp.
Quick tip: Someone please try the Harinaam Cintamani pizza and tell us what it’s all about?

Asian Street Kitchen, Chowpatty

BBQ Crispy Veg Bao. Image: Instagram.com/foodcrazymumbai

BBQ Crispy Veg Bao. Image: Instagram.com/foodcrazymumbai

The inside section allows as little privacy as possible, with every table capable overhearing even its neighbour’s neighbours. It only gets a bit worse outside, with honking, double parking, and unnecessary traffic courtesy Bachelorr’s. Go anyway, the dumplings, dim sum, and khao suey are known to be worth the hassle.
Quick tip: Crispy Vegetables and Glass Noodles win our vote.

Tewari Bros Mithaiwala, Opera House
Furnishing the most consistently tasty samosas in South Bombay ain’t easy when you’re also the most recommended Marwari snack joint. With minimal seating, this place is more of a quick parcel spot that is known for its sweets than the fried, salty treats.
Quick tip: Get Samosa and Raj Kachori and Matar Puri and Masala Paratha with Gatte ka Saag and a gym membership.

Candy & Green, Breach Candy

Image: luxurylaunches.com

Image: luxurylaunches.com

It’s hard to put the food in Candy & Green in a box. Without a doubt the most delicious all-veg space in the neighbourhood, their roof garden allows them to grow their own ingredients. We’ve written more about their inventive food here.
Quick tip: The Kale Crumble Tart is a refreshing use of the much hated ‘superfood’.

The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Vegetarians are known to draw a short straw when it comes to dessert because of all the egg swimming around. Rolling Pin solves that problem by serving possibly the widest range of eggless desserts in the city. Their menu lists seven kinds of tarts, over 20 varieties of cake, Freak Shakes, hot chocolates, pancakes, waffles, and desserts.
Quick tip: They also serve Nespresso coffee.

Quattro Ristorante, Lower Parel
It’s amusing that Mexican, a meat-heavy cuisine, is done remarkably well at Quattro along with a hearty Italian spread. The pasta, risotto, pizzas, and mains across both cuisines order well enough, even for those who’d rather eat pepperoni.
Quick tip: Their lunch menu allows an appetizer, an Italian or Mexican main, and dessert for Rs 475 +.

Gypsy Corner, Dadar

Image: Instagram.com/chitrakatha.in

Image: Instagram.com/chitrakatha.in

Bang opposite Shiv Sena Bhavan, this casual all-day spot balances a curiously mixed menu. Known best for its Maharashtrian fare, you can also get a quick meal of South Indian, something piping hot off a tawa, or pick from a range of coolers.
Quick tip: The daily specials include regional Maharashtrian specials rarely available elsewhere.

Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra, Dadar
Recently renovated, the menu at this iconic restaurant lists few items, of which the most expensive is Pulav Kari at Rs 75. We’d recommend going for breakfast and ordering Sabudana Vada, Kothimbir Vadi, and Poori Bhaji.
Quick tip: Prakash, as it’s fondly called, is shut on Friday.

Aaswad, Dadar
Most beloved for its Misal Pav, this small, simple restaurant is a neighbourhood favourite. If you find space that doesn’t involve sharing a table with strangers ordering stacks of Thalipeeth, you might be missing out on what it’s like to really eat here.
Quick tip: We can’t be friends if you order the non-Maharashtrian items on the menu

Ovenfresh, Dadar Shivaji Park

Image: mouthshut.com

Image: mouthshut.com

Located in the rare leafy midtown quaint lane, there’s very little that isn’t delicious and bursting with flavour at Ovenfresh. Although they served meat in the 20th century, you can now pick from masterful soups, a counter of tarts and bakes, and vegetarian mains too remarkable to not be better known.
Quick tip: The Almond Brownie is a lovely way to end a meal here.

Café Madras, Matunga
It’s normal to find Café Madras packed beyond belief for early morning weekend breakfasts by folk from all over the city. The consistent fame comes from decades of serving delicious Pineapple Sheera, Podi Idli, and phenomenal dosas, all washed down with some filter coffee.
Quick tip: The Appam with Stew is criminally underrated.

Udipi Idli House, Matunga
To be honest, we’d rather be a kid in this idli shop than in any candy store. With more idlis than most pedestrian eyes can place, Idli House inspires some wonder and curiosity about their offerings before quickly satisfying it with warm, fluffy, and buttery idlis.
Quick tip: The Kanchipuram Idli with Khotto Sambhar is our go-to order here.

Hotel Ramashray, Matunga E

Image: Instagram.com/1teaspoonlove

Image: Instagram.com/1teaspoonlove

A crisp menu that includes 4 types of idli, 5 types of vada, and about 10 dosas apart from Bisibele Baath, you can count on Ramashray to fill you up with the classics. The Bun Puri is one of the more unique things to order, especially if you’re as curious as we are.
Quick tip: This superb udipi is closed on Monday, and opens at 5 AM every other day.

Arya Bhavan, Matunga
The rare Udipi with air-conditioning, this one’s by popular catering company Muthuswamy. With a wider menu that specializes in South Indian, you could also order Pav Bhaji and similar here.
Quick tip: Order Muthuswamy specials like fried Paniyaram and curly Idiyappam.

Guru Kripa, Sion

Image: Instagram.com/shraddha_shree

Image: Instagram.com/shraddha_shree

With hearty Punjabi fare, this popular spot is a must-do for breakfasts on holidays if you don’t intend to move much after. Known for Chole-Bhature, Tikki Chaat, Samosas and Gulab Jamun, Guru Kripa makes any meal all of cheat day.
Quick tip: Try the Dal Pakwaan if you want something Sindhi .

Tea Villa Café, Bandra
Mostly known for its range of waffles, Tea Villa now has over 10 outlets across Mumbai. The décor is quirky, the Egg Plant Burger is a must-try (for real), and they offer over 60 teas.
Quick tip: We’ve heard it’s also a great place for lip-smacking fondue.

The Yoga House, Carter Road

Image: travel.cnn.com

Image: travel.cnn.com

An old house remodeled as a café, The Yoga House is a peaceful place to visit. Split into three levels, we suggest you go to the balcony, especially during this season. The menu features a range of wholesome items like Quinoa Upma, Homemade Museli, and salads like I am Slimming & I am Belly Dancing.
Quick tip: Get an app to navigate you while you dream of their signature hash browns served with yoghurt + mustard dressing.

Tuskers – Sofitel, BKC
It’s quite possibly the only all-veg restaurant in a 5-star hotel in the city’s suburbs. Tuskers serves traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani food either by course or by thalis and set menus.
Quick tip: Get the Dal Panchmel.

Garde Manger Café, Vile Parle E
A range of healthy food is served at this café, with options in pastas, sandwiches, and salads. Items featured in their special section include multigrain stuffed paratha, cous cous upma, and black rice salad.
Quick tip: Make your own salad with a choice of veggies and dressings.

The Good Food Co, Vile Parle E
Staying true to its name, this place serves mostly quick bites. The veggie burgers are popular, and have fillings like jalapeno-cheese, corn-cheese, and crunchy paneer. Their menu also lists pastas, pizzas, and wraps.
Quick tip: Try their TGFC Sauce Pasta.

Gonguura, Juhu

Good old Andhra Thali. Image: Instagram.com/pathological_snacker

Good old Andhra Meal. Image: Instagram.com/pathological_snacker

A rare spot serving authentic Andhra-cuisine, Gonguura is rather underrated. A meal here promises flavours unlike most South Indian meals you’ve tried. The unlimited ‘Good old Andhra meal’ comprises of dal, veggies, rasam, sambhar, chutney, flavoured rice, curd, sweets, and roti/poori, only for Rs 385!
Quick tip: The rasam has an especially fiery pepper flavour.

Govinda’s Restaurant, Juhu
Located within the premises of the iconic ISKCON temple, the food here is purely Satvik. Their buffet is priced at Rs 450, and includes over 20 items, along with four drinks – buttermilk, jal jeera, thandai, and pineapple juice.
Quick tip: The buffet on Sundays is a giant spread.

Dakshinayan, Juhu
Be prepared to wait for a worthwhile seat at Dakshinayan. The menu lists dishes like Puliyodorai, Bisibelle Bath, Ambassador Idli (mini idlis soaked in sambhar & seasoned w/ onion, coconut, & coriander), Molgapodi Idli (mini idlis w/ gun powder), and Chettinad Maligu Dosai.
Quick tip: Set Dosa and Butter Idli here are classics.

Banana Leaf, 7 Bungalows
This place is buzzing with customers throughout the day courtesy their delicious South Indian food. Served on banana leaves (duh!), they’ve got over 20 idlis to offer, and dishes like Veg Stew, Kalan Curry (Karnataka style mushroom), and Malabar style Mango-Potato Stew.
Quick tip: Their takeaway menu includes mini meals like Korma w/ Paratha.

Quesso, Oshiwara

Image: grouptable.com

Image: grouptable.com

Perfect for a family dinner, Quesso offers a wide range of Continental, Thai, Italian, & Mexican dishes. They have four fondues on their menu, and an excellent dessert section.
Quick tip: All day happy hours, y’all!

Udipi Vihar, Goregaon E
Located close to Goregaon station, this is a typical Udipi joint that’s been around for decades. Great service, pocket-friendly choices, and an unlimited lunch buffet for Rs 225 are our reasons to love this place.
Quick tip: They have 5 falooda flavours on their menu.

Simply Saraswat, Borivali
A quiet little place tucked away in a lane of shops, Simply Saraswat offers reasonable and wholesome South Indian food. They have quite a few platters on their menu – Mini Dosa (6 dosas with potato bhaji, sambhar, rasam, and chutneys) and Idli (Kancheepuram, Dakshin, schezwan, and dahi tadka w/ accompaniments) are the popular choices.
Quick tip: Their breakfast combo is priced at Rs 120, and consists of dosa, idli, ambode, sambhar, rasam, and filter coffee/tea

Maharaja Bhog, Juhu

Craving some authentic Marwadi or Gujarati food? Maharaja Bhog gives you the option of trying more than 20 different dishes in a thali, that too unlimited! The royal treatment (and food options) that you get at this restaurant, totally resonates with their name. With a changing menu every day, you can never really get bored of this place. Who can even get bored of thalis anyway, right? 

Quick tip: Make sure you have an empty stomach before you go. 

Pure Milk Centre, Ghatkopar East 

Have you been watching all those Cheese Burst Dosa videos and photos on instagram? We watched them too, and decided to try it out. It was worth it! This place has a variety of dosas and other yummy food such as nachos and grilled sandwiches. Not only is the food Instagram worthy, it also is delicious! Don’t blame us for the extra calories though!

Quick tip: The Cheese Burst Masala Maggi dosa and the Chocolate Soda Dosa are must trys. 

Trench Restro and Cafe, Hill Road

Looking for a place with a great cheese fondue? This one tops our list. The Traditional cheese fondue is just perfect. The restaurant also has some amazing frappes, hot chocolate, chocoshakes, and choctails (chocolate mocktails). The food and drinks menu here is really vast, making it a perfect spot to visit with a big group of people. 

Quick tip: Do NOT miss out on the Mocha Frappe and the Lindt Dark Chocolate Shake. 

Vedge, Andheri West 

This restaurant is perfect for people who love a modern twist on classic dishes. The menu boasts a wide variety of fusion food dishes, and a range of delicious mocktails. The ambience is great for a night out with friends and family. 

Quick tip: Try out their offers for executives and for kitty parties. You and your wallet, won’t be disappointed!

Chaap ki Chhap, 7 Bungalows

Are you a vegetarian who has always wanted to know why people love meat so much? If yes, this should be your go to place. This tiny eatery on the corner of the street in Andheri, serves delicious soya chaaps in different masalas and preparations. They use mock meat, and once you get a hang of the food at this place, there is no going back. Their delicious gravies, curries and biryanis is a game changer for the vegetarians. 

Quick tip: Make your non-vegetarian friends try their Chic-Hon-Chaap and the Afghani Chaap. They will never use their vegetarian jokes on you ever again!!

After reading this list, you definitely cannot crib about not having enough vegetarian places to eat out at. 

What are you waiting for?! Hog on!