Inside Bombay Brasserie, Worli | New Opening

By Partner June 8, 2017
Signature desi cocktails in 'pauwa' (quarter) bottles.

Bombay Brasserie has reopened in its home city at a discreet Worli back lane. With five outlets across Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata, they offer an extensive list of experimental Indian dishes. The all-day casual dining space is open from noon to midnight, and seats 140 people over 4 separate dining zones.

The indoor and outdoor spaces have a clean and chic design, with a striking, white marble bar on the inside. Wooden furniture, colourful mosaic flooring, exposed ceilings, and vast glass expanses add warmth to the white space.

On visiting we learned that these unique ingredients are regionally-sourced across the country. The Kashundi is from Bengal, Malwani Masala from Konkan, and Aam Papad from Amritsar. The menu reads like a Greatest Hits album from across cultures, with small plates like Marathi Jhinga Mirch with Thecha and Naga Ghost Pepper Wings (tangy wings dusted with a Naga chilli called ‘Bhoot Jolokia’).


They have a vast 'high chai' menu.

They have a vast ‘high chai’ menu.


The vast ‘high chai’ menu has local favourites like Rasta Masala Toasty, Irani Kheema Pao, Bombaiiya Vada Pao, and Chowpatty Special Bhel. You can pair these with tea, desi cocktails, or some of their beers on tap.

We had the crisp vada pao with a kadak cutting chai, just like every local for miles. Next, we tried their Chilli Cheese Kulcha, a heartier twist to the city’s famous chilli cheese toast – the soft mini kulchas stuffed with chilli cheese melted away in less effort than a bite.


The Aam Papad Paneer uses Aam Papad sourced from Amritsar.

The Aam Papad Paneer uses Aam Papad sourced from Amritsar.


The Aam Papad Paneer was made with sundried mango & spices from Amritsar, a perfect combination of sweet & spicy. The Panch Phoran Chicken deserves a special mention. Juicy chicken legs are roasted in a flavourful, extraordinary Bengali spice blend.

Appetizers can be paired with drinks from the Patiala Bar 180ml locally-inspired flavour concoctions are served in cute little ‘pauwa’ bottles. Crunchy bar snacks (yup, chakhna) can be enjoyed along with your order of ‘Pauwa’ cocktails.

The seven flavours featured on the menu include options like Nagpuri Santra (orange, basil, vodka), Pondy Rush (lemon vodka), Jaipur Gulabo (vodka rose extract), Shimla Rum Do (apple cinnamon rum), Janta Bar (whiskey coke), Go Goa Gone (coconut vodka), and Kollywood Pop (white rum, apple, ginger).


Kashmiri Naan Kebab with doon chetin.

Kashmiri Naan Kebab with doon chetin.


There isn’t better weather than the monsoon to eat the Kashmiri Naan Kebab – mutton mince kebab served on saffron-brushed naan. It’s served with some ‘doon chetin’, a light Kashmiri creamy yogurt dip.

It’s easy to believe that Calcutta Club Fish Fry is served with Kashundi mustard from Bengal and grilled ananas-alphonso dip. The tangy accompaniments complement the fried fish, making it a meal in itself.

More Indian cocktails go well with these dishes, like the Southern Express (LIIT w/ lime juice & coke), and Fauji Party Special (dark rum + pineapple with kala namak and chaat masala).


Traditional Chatka Chhole Kulchey.

Traditional Chatka Chhole Kulchey.


Our mains included lip-smacking Chatka Chhole Kulchey – traditional, Punjabi style chickpeas, cooked in a tin, served with hot, tandoori aloo kulchas. The secret behind the chhole masala recipe, is the garnish of crushed, roasted pomegranate.

We also called for the Bombay Chicken Biryani, a Bohri Muslim special. The chicken is slow-cooked with potato and rubbed with homemade garam masala, along with some saffron, mint, and ginger.


Jim-Jam, Nice, & Bourbon ice cream sandwiches.

Jim-Jam, Nice, & Bourbon ice cream sandwiches.


With every bit of courage (fine, appetite) we could muster, two desserts were ordered. We’d recommend the Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich for its generous, indulgent nostalgia – a trio of Jim-Jam, Nice & Bourbon biscuits as the base. A warm, baked Anglo-Indian Bread Pudding had us rubbing our bellies with the most content smile on our face from a supple flavour and a texture that varied gently through each bite.

The outdoor section wins our vote for a monsoon spot, making it a solid place to bring a date.

All images by Vinayak Grover.

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