Bombay Cocktail Bar For Drinks and Dancin’

By Partner March 29, 2017

Bombay Cocktail Bar is a great choice if you’re looking to put on your dancing shoes, get a drink or two, and party in a place with a uniquely grand ambience.

The interiors are inspired by ancient Roman structures – dome-shaped ceilings, an elevated area resembling theatre balconies, and VIP booths resembling arcs from the Victorian Era. This theatrical space has a grand entrance that leads to a podium for the DJ, structured like the Eye of the Pantheon in Rome.

With a capacity to hold 400 guests, the space is ideally suited to letting one’s hair down and dance without the city-wide problem of bumping into other people.  The booths get white leather sofas as seating under stony arches, while the elevated area provides a panoramic view of the bar, which at 28-feet clocks in as one of the longest bars in the city.




Bombay Cocktail Bar serves a variety of bar-friendly food like Nachos, Fish & Chips, Veg and Non-veg Kebabs, and Indian-Chinese favourites like Garlic Chilly Potato and Hunan Chicken. Pizzas and Naan-Pizzas (Nanzas), along with Pastas and other mains are also on the menu.

We started our meal with the staple Vada Pav with chutney. The unusual combination of street food with cocktails is more enjoyable than we imagined it to be. Get the Tipsy Kala Khatta, a vodka-based drink with lemon juice and cumin spice syrup. Slightly sweeter than the regular Kala Khatta, this drink went well with our appetizers.

The buttery local-favourite Pav Bhaaji was paired with Drunken Monkey, a white and coconut rum-based cocktail. With pineapple, orange and pomegranate juice, this was our favourite from the drinks we tried. The gin-based Turmeric Glow was rather strong on ginger and turmeric.

A generous non-veg platter had tandoor preparations of fish, lamb and chicken, with tender meat melting deliciously with each bite. On offer are also sushi platters, along with other Japanese dishes like tempura rolls and nigiri.




Apart from classic cocktails, they have a variety of gin, whisky, vodka, tequila, and rum-based signature cocktails, with Nomayo the most spectacular-looking of the lot. Served in a skull-shaped glass, it has whisky nitro-stirred with coffee liqueur, hazelnut and absinth. If you’re planning to go for a single drink, try the coffee and red bull-infused All Night Long to keep you charged all night.

The other Bombay-inspired drinks include Ganna Mule, a rum and sugarcane cocktail; Sharabi Aam Panna, which has rum, aam panna, kokum syrup and spicy, raw mango slices for childhood nostalgia feels. They also have popsicles in flavours like passion fruit, lime, mint, and triple berry, dunked in alcohol to make some Flavoured Alcoholic Chuski.




Order the Chicken Chilli Nanza, rightly categorized as comfort food. Apart from going well with our drinks, it is the perfect midnight binge-eating dish. The naan was soft, and topping it with tangy chicken chilli is the right way to go.

We felt cheeky enough to get dessert at a bar, and went with the Baklava with Citrus Ice cream to end our night. The sweetness of the nutty pastry was balanced by the citrusy ice cream, proving that bars can have remarkable food as well.

The upbeat, spacious vibe and comfort food coupled with and playful cocktails are what make Bombay Cocktail Bar a promising venue for a night out.