The Caterers You Should Hit Up This Party Season | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke November 29, 2018

Party season is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re planning on hosting a party or event of your own and aren’t sure what to do about the food (should you order in or attempt making biryani for 35 people?), we’ve got you. We’ve searched far and wide for not only the best, but also the most unique food caterers in the city doing some wonderful work. From Mexican to Maharashtrian, you’ll be able to find a caterer to fit any and every kind of occasion in the list below. Read on to find out more!


Pack A Pav

A tawa filled with Pack-a-Pav goodies. Image:

A tawa filled with Pack-a-Pav goodies. Image:

If you’re not already familiar with Pack A Pav’s yummy treats, you must order in or hit up one any one of their outlets in the city. They play around with the humble, iconic, Mumbai-style pav, and make delicious treats out of it. They’re my personal favourite late-night munch to order, and they also make for a great option for a more casual event that you might be hosting. They even customise their menu to be suitable to children, and which kid isn’t going to go bonkers over Nutella Pav?


Swati Snacks

Ask your Gujju friends about Swati Snacks, and if you don’t get a love ballad as your answer, then something might just be off. Swati Snacks is an iconic vegetarian restaurant that serves Gujarati, Marwari and Maharashtrian food in Tardeo, and they dabble into catering for events as well. It’s not easy to book these guys because there’s always going to be someone waiting in line before you. From panki to sev puri and dal dhokli, everything here is divine. They’re an ideal pick for a more traditional event in the family like a housewarming or engagement party.


Hungry Bunny

Sama Ankolkar from Hungry Bunny creates delicious Bohri food for any occasion. Whether it’s a classic butter chicken, or her famous mutton samosas, Sama’s food is all heart and no tricks. No matter the size of the gathering, her food is best suited for when you all want to binge over her kebabs and biryani. Although Hungry Bunny is all about the wholesome Bohri food, you can customise the menu along with Sama to suit your liking, and you’ll always be on the receiving end of home-cooked love.


Esca Brahma

By the creator behind the little Khar eatery Curry Tales, Sandeep Sreedharan creates unique food experiences for your event. It’s a sit-down dinner format, wherein the chef explores South Indian cuisine with modern twists and fresh takes on the classics. Esca Brahma can be called experimental, and the chef’s years of experience reflects onto the plate. Although inspired from local food traditions, Esca Brahma’s food is anything but traditional. Check out this unique sit-down dinner option instead of a typical buffet at your next event.

Party Chef by Food Hall

Food Hall is my favourite food store to hit up in Mumbai. Not only do they stock delicious produce and great brands, they also make a lot of their own products and sell them in-store. To help you host your perfect party, you can work with the team of chefs at Food Hall who can help you plan and cook the perfect party menu. From a range of dips, canapés, pates, cold cuts, sushi and dim sum, an afternoon tea set up, a custom cheese board, and personal wine-pairing consultation, this service by Food Hall is perfect for someone who wants to be known as the hostess with the mostest.


Little Food Co.

This catering service is well known for their belief in using only fresh and seasonal produce to create the best quality home-cooked food. Little Food Co. has a wonderful menu that dabbles in Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian and Italian food. They have a team of chefs, bartenders and wait staff that tailor their services according to your vision. My favourite part about their food has to be how they make their produce the stars of the dish. If you want a taste of what they create, they also run a daily delivery service in Andheri, Juhu and Bandra known as Little Food Daily.


Tan Bueno

Tan Bueno brings the exotic flavours of Latin America to your plate in your home. It’s a vegetarian-only pop-up and catering service dedicated to exploring food from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Jamaica. Despite it being a meat-heavy cuisine, Chef Rachana Shah has created her own vegetarian versions of the classics like empanadas and tostadas. Rachana hosts these rich and intimate meals in her home in South Bombay, but you can also reach out to her for your own events.


Gaia Gourmet

Although Chef Shilarna Vaze is popular for her work on-screen, her personal catering service in partnership with her husband Christophe Perrin Gaia is one she should be awarded all the laurels for. From Japanese, Burmese, French and Mexican to Maharashtrian, Gaia has a star-studded clientele that they create intimate dinners for. Vaze and Perrin come to your home and cook in your kitchen themselves, and create a customised meal from start to finish. Gaia gives you a chance to have a true gourmet experience in the comfort of your home.

Sage And Saffron

Safe and Saffron is more than a catering company, they are a design service, too. With food and design, they create a more wholesome experience for diners by incorporating the theme’s event into the food, plating, decor and table setting. They’re a truly bespoke service, but their menu is stretchable whether it’s a regional food item, or an international cuisine. Everything that Sage and Saffron create looks gorgeous, and their set-up is bound to be the pièce de résistance of your event.


Now that you have this eclectic list of caters to your disposal, you’re bound to be the ultimate host of the party season. We hope this list helped you make a choice.