Coffee Cups Around Mumbai | Photo Essay

By Mumbai Foodie March 27, 2017

As the city that never sleeps, coffee is one of the magnificent things that fuels us.

We’ve begun taking the drink more seriously recently. Instead of just drinking it to power through work, we now also consume it for its unique flavour profiles and taste at cutting edge coffee roasteries, and sometimes even in cocktails.

Coffee has become a drink that connoisseurs cherish, hipsters guzzle, and that we’re beginning to see high quality versions of everywhere.

We decided to visit our 10 favourite coffee shops, pick up a gorgeous cup, and then shoot it as a tribute. You’ll also find our favourite coffees to order at each of these cafes!


212 All Good, Lower Parel 

The bright yellow of the 212 All Good cup reflects its general wholesomeness.

The bright yellow of the 212 All Good cup reflects their general wholesomeness.

The Mochaccino comes with 72% Karnataka chocolate and raw cacao, while the Pour Over here is best had over ice.

Blue Tokai, Mahalaxmi


The elegant Blue Tokai logo makes this a memorable cup.

Spoiling you for choice, Blue Tokai offers a creamy and lush Nitro Coffee, a curiously spritzy Coffee Tonic, and a delicately finished Cold Brew Coffee.

The Pantry, Fort 

The Pantry keeps it classy.

The Pantry keeps it classy.

Apart from one of the bestest Shakerato recipes in town, The Pantry also serves a Cold Coffee and a comforting Caramel Cappuccino.

Starbucks, Fort


If there’s a more iconic coffee brand, we don’t know of it.

It’s less responsibility to name someone’s first born than to tell them what to order at Starbucks. We do recommend going nuts over the toppings, flavours, and general customization. You can also keep it simple with a Frappuccino.

Kitchen Garden, Pali Naka


Kitchen Garden has coffee by Blue Tokai.

They use coffee by Blue Tokai, from which we’d pick the Cold Brew Coffee to-go from their grab-n-go counter, and the Homemade Almond Milk Latte if you’re feeling particularly hipster (or are vegan).

BAD Cafe, Pali Hill


BAD Cafe is off the beaten path in Bandra.

One of the most cutting-edge coffee spots in town, BAD Cafe is where we’d go to get something refreshing and innovative. The menu constantly changes, so our only recommendation is that you visit.

Coffee by Di Bella, Bandra


Coffee by Di Bella keeps their cup simple and timeless.

The city-wide chain has a new menu that lists Spanish Coffee served hot or cold, Affogato, Coffee Tonic, and a loaded coffee-topped dessert called Sparkling Cloud among others.

The Bagel Shop, Carter Road

That cute design on The Bagel Shop makes us smile each time.

That cute design on The Bagel Shop makes us smile each time.

Order the Iced Latte to forget the summer heat or an Affogato for when you need some sweetness to punctuate their smooth blend of arabica and robusta beans.

Suzette, Nariman Point 


The charming French vibe at Suzette feels homely.

You simply can’t go wrong with smooth and simple Espresso at Suzette.

Kala Ghoda Cafe, Fort


Kala Ghoda Cafe is an ideal coffee spot in the art district.

With a glorious backroom now accessible to customers, this cafe always calls for a visit. An Iced Espresso, a Mochachino (with Belgian dark chocolate) or an Affogato is where we’d put our money.

All images by Vinayak Grover.

What are your favourite coffee spots?