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By Fatema Lakdawala December 11, 2018
Get Cosy This Winter!!

Mumbaikars aren’t lucky enough to enjoy much sweater-weather, but a slight drop in the temperature (24 degrees?) and we’re all craving delicious chicken soup, or a creamy cup of hot chocolate that we can hold against our cheeks and enjoy the thought of “winter”. Guess what? We feel you.

While comfort food means different things to different people, we all have constants. So, here’s what you must relish in the city when the weather outside goes faintly below 25 degrees.

Chicken Soup

They say chicken soup is for the soul and is often the first thing you eat to resist a cold. A meal in itself, we know exactly where you can find both thick and clear chicken soup in the city.

Where: Smoke House Deli, Gaylord, Salt Water Cafe, The Homemade Cafe

The soupy, light broth in Laksa has fans world over. Image:

The soupy, light broth in Laksa has fans world over. Image:


This crisp delight may be a great dessert but it also turns out to be a warm and creamy indulgence on a chilly winter evening. Top it up with a seasonal fruit like strawberry, some quintessential chocolate syrup, little bit of whipped cream and you’re all set for a dopamine explosion!

Where: Tea Villa Cafe, The Belgian Waffle Co., Chantilly, Food For Thought

Dark Chocolate Waffles - Kala Ghoda Cafe

Image Source:


If you’re a fan of dough wrapped around delicious filling, dumplings or momos are definitely your comfort food. Hailing from China and Tibet, these steamed wonders were quick to enter every Indian’s favourite appetiser list and are now readily available around the city.

Where: Mamagoto, NomNom, Mainland China, Global Fusion, Pop Won Mo

Image: Zomato

Image: Zomato

Hot Chocolate

Nothing feels cozier in winter like a warm cuppa of hot chocolate with glazed marshmallows on the side. Hot chocolate works exactly like a hug to your palate, if you agree you’ve got to the try the following spots in Mumbai.

Where: Chantilly, The Homemade Cafe, The Rolling Pin, Kala Ghoda Cafe

Hot chocolate kills in this weather. Image:

Hot chocolate kills in this weather. Image:


This East Asian spicy and thick noodle soup is a wholesome meal in itself. Its base flavour is usually coconut milk twhich gives it a rich creamy texture and wins it a spot on our comfort food list. It’s easy to find laksa in the city because Mumbai is thriving with restaurants that offer East Asian cuisine.

Where: Pa Pa Ya, Keiba, The Fatty Bao, Shizusan Shophouse & Bar

Malay Curry Laksa Soup

Malay Curry Laksa Soup


Pancakes are usually consumed as breakfast and we beg to differ. The fluffy batter that turns into tender discs of decadent marvel should not be plainly restricted to just one meal of the day. Below are our favourite spots in Mumbai where they serve pancakes all day every day.

Where: The Nutcracker, Leaping Windows, The Junction, Poetry by Love & Cheesecake




Thukpa is a lighter version of laksa that is from Tibet, and consists of clear broth and noodles with vegetables or any protein. It’s rare to find thukpa around the city so if you haven’t tried this dish already, we recommend you do.

Where: Burma Burma, LMNOPQ Asian Kitchen, Santé Spa Cuisine, Flamboyante


Cutting Chai

Our city breathes through a quick sip or two of warm cutting chai at least thrice a day even when it’s 40 degrees, so when the temperature drops, our love for cutting chai knows no bounds. Find the perfect cutting chai fix below.

Where: Prithvi Cafe, Elementaria Bakery Cafe, Social, Chaayos

Noon Chai. Image Source

Noon Chai. Image Source

Kashmiri Kahwa

As the name suggests, kahwa is a traditional green tea from Kashmir infused with almonds, whole spices and saffron. This delicious concoction has many health and skin benefits and is often consumed after a heavy meal to help digestion. The aroma of this kahwa is enough to overwhelm your senses, making it a perfect winter drink.

Where: Taftoon Bar & Kitchen, Taj Mahal Tea House, Fable, The Rolling Pin

Kashmiri Spices. Image Source

Kashmiri Spices. Image Source

Enjoy the Mumbai winters while they last and hit us up with your comfort food recommendations on !!