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By Mumbai Foodie May 18, 2017
Savoury pizza cones are a Coney Island specialty.

The magic of Coney Island is simple – rustic, cheesy pizzas made in the compact shape of a cone. If you’ve caught them preparing their goodies at a food festival, you’ll know the short wait for your cone is a precious kind of anticipation. Small, pre-made cones are put into an oven that resembles a toast maker at a hotel buffet, and about 6 minutes later, you get to hold on to the delicious promise of a cheesy, savoury cone.

We spoke to founder Bharat Advani about Coney Island, which sells pizzas in a way we’re only used to eating ice cream.

Give us a broad overview of Coney Island. What made you start it?
While on vacation with my family in Italy, we came across an overly crowded Pizzeria making mouth-watering, perfectly baked pizzas in a cone. On my way back to India I had this urgent craving, a craving for a pizza cone. It was unreal, but it became clear to me.

This had to be done, and done right. Everyone needs to try a pizza cone at least once and they don’t even know it yet. You’re not restricted in toppings and can have as many varieties as possible. Gone are the days where you needed to wait 20 minutes for a pizza.

With pizza cones, 6 minutes and done. Loaded with toppings, no excess crust and just one hand needed to handle it.

Mumbai is such an incredibly busy city. People are on the go, constantly depending on top quality, good tasting meals delivered quickly as we go about our busy lives. Coney Island fills that gap.

Are you self-taught or do you have professional or educational training?
I have studied hospitality with a specialization in Food Production from KOHINOOR-IMI in Khandala, a college affiliated with IMI in Switzerland.

Bharat Advani founded Coney Island after studying hospitality and working in a number of kitchens.

Bharat Advani founded Coney Island after studying hospitality and working in a number of kitchens.


Did you have any links to the hospitality industry before Coney Island began?
Yes, I have worked in several kitchens previously including Olive Bar & Kitchen and Taj Lands End.

Take us through the best and worst thing about running an upcoming food business.
I’m sure it is a different journey and story for everyone. Everything about the job we do is the best thing about it. Providing a unique source of comfort to people and making sure their experience is up to our satisfaction. The worst thing is to have turned down people at the end of events where we’ve been SOLD OUT.

What’s your favourite food to make?
To be frank, Oriental Cuisine is my expertise. I’m a fan of anything South-East Asian. Hainanese Chicken Rice, Khaosuey, Char Siu, Yellow Bean fried rice are some dishes that come to mind.

Tell us about the strangest request you’ve ever received from a client!
Can you make me a pizza cone but in a cup!


Can you pick one?

Can you pick one?

What sort of a space do you operate out of?
We have a central kitchen in Khar, where we manufacture our cones and produce our toppings.

Where do you get your ingredients from?
All our ingredients are sourced locally on a daily basis. Our tomatoes for our signature sauce come from small local farms in Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Towards who have you targeted Coney Island?
Towards people of all ages that are looking for a quick and delicious snack on the go.

What’s your favourite dish from the menu at Coney Island? Is this different from the bestselling cones?
My absolute favourite is the Tiramisu Cone. It’s one among the upcoming dessert cones we are currently working on. We expect it to debut soon with more varieties to follow.


Have you tried a pizza cone from Coney Island? What was your favourite flavour?