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By Sama Ankolkar November 29, 2018
Upgrade your kitchen from amateur to pro by learning at any of these cooking classes!

In an older world where mainstream professionals were only those who considered medicine, law, finance or architecture as a career path, we’ve finally broken ground and begun to actively accept creative fields as legitimate professions as well. Our city is full of young energy brimming with talent. With food being an integral part of our day to day lives, it is not surprising that a heavy interest turns towards this arena. The culinary world seems to have drawn everyone in slowly and steadily.

If you’re someone who has recently taken to cooking, grown up wanting to be a chef, or realised that your desk job doesn’t excite you anymore; it’s time to hone those knife skills in the kitchen. We’ve put together a list of the best cooking classes you can attend in this city.


Palate Culinary Academy

Celebrity Chef Raakhee Vaswani founded the Palate Culinary Studio which spoke of all things culinary under one roof; be it classes, lunches, brunches, pop-ups and more. The Palate Culinary Academy is an extension of her studio and offers a 10-week Level 2 Program in Culinary Skills, which is an intensive, hands-on programme designed especially for culinary enthusiasts to absorb knowledge about every aspect of the culinary world. From practicing knife skills, butchering, making stocks and mother sauces to learning different cuisines, this academy offers tremendous exposure to the culinary world, building a strong foundation for food enthusiasts.

Visit their website to know more: https://palateculinaryacademy.com/


Mahek’s Atelier

Mahek’s Atelier in Lokhandwala has been a prominent name that has grown in the last few years. Founded a little over a decade ago, Chef Mahek Mandlik had been driven primarily by passion and love for food that urged her to share her skills in the cuisine world. The Atelier offers several courses, ranging from day workshops to diploma programmes. Whether it is culinary, confectionary or sugar-craft, there is a section for any passionate budding chef. With over 60 courses to choose from, one can choose to develop a skill or start out from scratch.

Visit their website for more: https://www.maheksatelier.com/


School for European Pastry

Founded by internationally renowned Chef Anil Rohira and Chef Vikas Bagul, the School for European Pastry is the city’s only pastry academy that offers the Level 3 Accreditation which eventually helps students to open doors worldwide for themselves. With state of the art training programmes and equipment to use, the courses range from a 6-Month Diploma Programme, 6-Week Certificate Courses and other short term courses too. This institute focuses primarily on pastry and confectionary techniques from regions across Europe. You can also attend their masterclass if you are short on time!

Visit their website for more: https://sep.in.net/


FoodWhizz Cookery School

Foodwhizz Cookery School was founded by Chef Shwetambari Pandit. This school has an endless course list, which pays individual attention to different skills and cuisine. It focuses on both cookery and bakery. The courses are offered at three levels with the leeway to choose to course list, the schedule and even the course budget! The advance classes conducted here are for a maximum number of three people only, so you can be sure to receive in depth attention to detail. They also have custom courses that are tailor made for you and shorter workshops that you can sign up for.

Visit their website for more: https://foodwhizz.com/


APB Cook Studio

The APB Cook Studio is headed by writer and consultant Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal. It is a state of the art kitchen designed with great attention to detail and passion by home cooks for home cooks. At APB Cook studio, there is a section for every type to fall into. It also has a training programme for young adults! There are curated classes for beginners as well and courses that focus on world cuisine for experimental chefs. There are also workshops in traditional and modern Indian cooking and guilt free cooking for gym addicts. With stand-alone cook-stations and top quality ingredients to work with, you need not wait long to sign up for one of these.

Visit their website for more: http://www.apbcookstudio.com/



This culinary studio was initiated by Meeta Bharwani who believes that the key ingredient to good food is love. Her classes cover a whole lot of variants, such as restaurant style Indian cuisine, world cuisines and even everyday basic meals. Rasoii also has a basic cookery workshop which is helpful for teenagers/ students going abroad, newlyweds or senior citizens who are looking to liven up their daily meals. They also have other workshops that focus on different cuisines, wraps and rolls, starters and dips. This place is ideal for someone who wants to start off learning about basic kitchen skills.

Visit their website for more: http://www.rasoii.com/


Culinary Craft

Located in Hiranandani, Powaii, Culinary Craft houses a team of chefs who offer hands-on cooking experiences for amateurs to professional chefs. From live demonstrations, insightful tips and tricks and understanding the science behind food, Culinary Craft offers a variety of courses that suits most demands or needs. There are several specially curated classes for cooks at every level. From short courses that focus on needs to Government Certified Bakery classes, this place has got you covered.

Visit their website for more: https://culinarycraft.in/


Flavour Diaries

Flavour Diaries is an interactive and intimate space that allows one to indulge in flavours, food experiments and explore the food world under the highly-trained international Chef Anjali Pathak. There are daily workshops for almost every kind of cuisine; Indian, Asian, Italian, Japanese and Mexican. They also host workshops for bread-making and some festive workshops for children too. A beautiful space with luxurious cooking stations to work at, this experience allows one to absorb knowledge and develop craft in a delightful manner.

Visit their website for more: https://www.flavourdiaries.com/


Apart from the ones mentioned above, one could also check out Studio 15 by Pooja Dhingra, Purple Foodie’s classes or attend one of Amrita Kaur’s workshops (follow her on Instagram for updates @amritaoflife) if you’re interested in quick workshops that focus on particular styles and dishes.


Like mentioned earlier, it is a city that is brimming with talent and knowledge that is waiting to be imparted, so don’t wait too long before you fill your cup.