Copper Chimney Is Hosting A Biryani Festival Through July!

By Partner July 6, 2017
With 6 special Biryani preparations, Copper Chimney's month-long menu is worth looking out for.

Copper Chimney is one of Mumbai’s most evergreen haunts for Indian food. Try walking in for a weekend meal and you’ll know what we mean.

What makes the Copper Chimney story special is their 4 decades in the food business, consistently serving authentic dishes using cooking techniques and recipes from undivided north India – right from Delhi to Peshawar.

The tradition is limited to cooking, however, as the ambience and service follows modern trends, reflecting the restaurant’s tasteful origins. After hosting the recently successful Great lndian Kebab festival, Copper Chimney is now displaying its unique spices and ingredients for a range of biryanis from the north-west frontier region of India.

The biryanis will be prepared using tender pieces of meat/vegetables, in long grains of saffron rice. The aromas and spices used will be special for its depth of flavour, offering a wider range to the keen biryani connoisseur.

The ‘Dum’ technique of cooking will be employed, wherein a heavy-bottomed pot (handi) will house layers of delicately scented rice and meat. Sealed and cooked slow over a low fire, such food offers deeper, richer, infinitely more satisfying flavours.

The preparation of these biryanis will be courtesy ‘Ustads’ – chefs with an in-depth knowledge of ingredients, decades of experience, and a nuanced understanding of textures and tastes. Each Ustad’s knowledge is translated in every Copper Chimney using tested techniques and fresh ingredients at the start of each day.

The meaty biryanis we’re keeping an eye out for include Yakhani Chaap Biryani (tender mutton chops cooked Yakhani style with Kashmiri garam masala & caramelized onion), Chicken Roast Biryani (a Delhi-favourite recipe of chicken marinated in garlic-ginger paste and sundried chillies), Chicken Tikka Biryani (which involves a secret Punjabi Masala), and a unique Awadhi Seafood Biryani (a mix of prawns and fish, dum-cooked with fresh mint, coriander, green chilli, and lemon).

Vegetarian options include a Kashmiri Paneer Biryani, which has a biryani pulao with fresh cottage cheese and nuts, and an Aloo-Makai Biryani with potato cubes and golden corn cooked in Basmati rice.

The biryanis are served with a jeera-pudina raita, and we bet a ‘handi’ of biryani will only leave you craving for some more!

Copper Chimney has been a pioneer in Indian cuisine and as they rightly put it, Copper Chimney, Since 1972, Indian Food, Made Unforgettable.

(Biriyani Specials until 24th July, Time: 12 to 4 PM and 7 PM to 11:30 PM, Worli Res – 42124212 /42124214, Pune – 020 -66890901)

Which of these Biryanis do you want to try first?