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By Fatema Lakdawala September 21, 2018
New Place To Have Craft Beer At In Powai!

Mumbai is slowly yet steadily turning into a craft beer hub, and the latest addition to our city is Crafters Tap House in Hiranandani, Powai. Posh interiors meet a grunge bar and massive arched windows overlooking a busy street. You could be forgiven for believing you’re in NYC.

At Crafters you can try out a variety of lagers, ales, wheat beers and stouts. We were offered seven tasters from the lot available and chose the Belgian Wit and Dark Lager. The former had an earthy flavour with distinctive wheat and orange tinges that hit the right spot. While the latter had nutty, biscuit-y notes; its chocolate flavour stole our hearts. Apart from being extremely light, these hops stood out for their perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

While we focused mainly on the beer, their extensive drinks menu has many great alternatives for those who prefer cocktails and signature spirits. Also, the teetotalers in the audience will be pleasantly surprised by their tea, coffee and mocktail options.

Interiors At Crafters Tap House

Interiors At Crafters Tap House

Before you go, let’s not forget the food here! Their menu comprises of light finger food, appetizers and mains from a global menu that perfectly complement their craft beers.

We started our meal with Prawn Dumplings, served with homemade fish sambal that the chef had picked up from Sri Lanka. Steamed to perfection, the dumplings tasted so good but the sambal, we felt, could be spicier, or that may just be our Indian taste buds complaining.

Next came the Teriyaki Chicken and it probably was the best one we’ve had in a while. It wasn’t cooked or grilled, the chef chose to bake the chicken and turn it into a masterpiece instead. This was what left the chicken so tender and flavourful. Also, the sweet and spicy blend of teriyaki went well with the bitters of the Belgian Wit.
We had the Fish Tacos served with mint chutney that turned out to be pretty average. Go for the Biscuits & Gravy appetizer instead. The sage and feta biscuits in it were crunchy, topped with a creamy mushroom gravy that made for a great savoury treat between hops.

Seafood Pizza At Crafters Tap House

Seafood Pizza At Crafters Tap House

Bangers was next up on our table, soaked in stout beer, the pork sausages were served with grilled bread loaves. Tender and juicy, the cheese dressing and pickled cucumber worked well together to create a dish that I would definitely come back for. Our love for truffle came alive with the Truffle Mac & Cheese at Crafters. It’s delicious cream base, topped with cheese crisps and truffle, was worth every penny.

Our final main was the Brick Chicken that’s soaked in beer overnight for a crispy, pungent overlay on the tender chicken breast. After all that we had relished here, this was a tad bit underwhelming. So we called for desserts!

We were head over heels about the Apple Cinnamon Parfait. It featured the perfect consistency and lovely notes of sour green apple that created a melt-in-mouth experience, it was so good we actually ordered a second.

Just because we were feeling greedy, we decided to order a Granola Cookie Cheesecake, which we enjoyed. The crunch and the creamy cheese came together beautifully, leaving us with a delicious end to the meal.

Our verdict – light food with light craft beers in a chill space fit for any occasion. Go for the appetizers over the mains and don’t forget to indulge in their incredible desserts.

Hefeweizen Beer At Crafters Tap House

Hefeweizen Beer At Crafters Tap House

P.S: Watch out for live music and performances here!