Mumbai’s Best Delivery Kitchens | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke September 20, 2018
Eating takeout in bed is such a comfort! Image Source:

If you are one of those people who have successfully figured out how to balance a regular working life while cooking for yourself every single day, I need to know your secret. Every day, I see my peers and fellow millennials crumble under the pressure of adulthood as they order lunch online. I’ve become an expert in ordering food home and figured I should share the wealth! So, whether you’re craving something in particular, are just lazy or want a quick lunch; here are my top picks for food delivery.


Freshmenu – Multiple outlets across the city.

Make Freshmenu your best friend if budget constraints are your permanent demons. Freshmenu delivers wholesome and pocket friendly meals across the city. Their menu changes every day, so if ordering in becomes a routine, you will always have fresh choices to choose from, which is such a plus. Their menu consciously serves healthy food, and gives you the nutritional value per dish. As Freshmenu has grown over the last couple of years, they have also expanded their menu to include breakfast, snacks and desserts apart from full meals.


Milliways Broth Noodle & BaoGrant Road

This is one of the newest delivery kitchens in Mumbai and here at Mumbai Foodie, we’re big fans. Milliways cooks delicious comfort food in the form of ramen, pho, baos and more Asian delicacies. For me, good comfort food needs to served in wholesome portions and cooked with a lot of love. The experience and care of the chefs behind Milliways shows in their food, which is why I’m going to ring them the next time I want to have a Netflix and Noodles night in.


Coma Coma – Bandra

For a city with so many palates to cater to, surprisingly, there aren’t too many doing justice to Mexican food. Coma Coma is a Bandra based Mexican food delivery joint that has introduced Mexican food in a very casual, street style. They have a big menu that features classics like nachos, burritos and tacos that all taste way better than any of the other Mexican I’ve had in the city before. You won’t find any generic sauces or masala flavours here. They’ve kept the flavours as authentic as possible, making them one of my top choices for ordering in.


Pack A Pav – Bandra, Kemps Corner, Versova

Pack A Pav is my favourite take on street food I have ever witnessed. If you haven’t experienced the joys of eating from Pack A Pav yet, I’m so excited for you to! It’s a relatively simple concept: they take a Mumbai special pav and stuff it with delicious fillings. It’s basically like experimenting with vada pav, trying different things instead of the vada. Pack A Pav makes for a good snack. You can’t call it lunch because one portion will be too little, which is a great excuse to order more than one! Their pavs are spicy, greasy and simple and they are constantly experimenting with new varieties. They even created a Mumbai Foodie special Pav for us that was on sale for a brief period of time.


Pop Won Mo Bandra  

I know how important it is for munchies to be extraordinary. If you’re over your homemade Maggi evenings or can’t figure out what food to keep at a house party, Pop Won Mo comes to the rescue. Their menu is full of party-style snacks and starters such as jalapeno poppers, chicken lollipop, momos, cheesy fries and other addictive finger food. They even have the option of sending their special party-size portions which tend to be economical when you’re hosting a number of people at home.


Mandala – Kemps Corner, Prabhadevi

Sometimes, you are faced with the struggle of wanting to eat healthy but not wanting to cook yourself. That’s why Mandala exists, to supply meals that nourish your body and soul. They promote and use top quality organic produce and have a small but exciting menu of salads, sandwiches and rice bowls. They have a good number of vegan and gluten free options to choose from. Everything here is homemade and especially safe to consume, restoring our faith in outside food.


The Curry Brothers – Lower Parel

At this modern Indian food delivery kitchen, they serve a mix of Goan and Bengali delicacies. Their food is homely and authentic and a little different than most other Indian restaurants in the city. Their food is pocket friendly and comes in large portion sizes which is so satisfying. You should definitely have their DIY Jhal Muri, Aloo’r Dom, Chicken Cafreal, Pork Choriz or the interesting Goan Bhetiki Curry, which combines Bengali and Goan food in a way we’ve never seen before.


While there are more good delivery kitchens out there like Little Food Daily, Box 8, Pitchfork and Salsetta, these were the few that stood out for me for their variety, taste and their justice to price points. Food ordering has never been easier and faster, and as we slowly crawl to the end of 2018, I’m looking forward to all the Netflix and (insert favourite delivery food here) nights to come!