Best Dosa Spots In The City I MF Guide

By Disha Hanspal December 13, 2018
Craving a dosa today?

Every now and then (almost every day), I will crave a delicious, crispy, buttery dosa. But trying out new places all the time isn’t always fruitful. Which is why, we have curated a list of tried and tested places, that serve some of the most amazing dosas in the city.

Anand Stall, Vile Parle West

Being an SVKM student, this stall was like a goldmine for me! From plain dosas oozing with butter, to special Chinese and cheese dosas- this place has it all. They even serve some kickass vada paos.

Quick tip: My choice? Hands down, their Pizza Dosa.

Pizza Dosa At Anand Stall

Pizza Dosa At Anand Stall

Dhiraj Special Sandwich, Vile Parle West

Another gem for college students, this stall boasts some of the yummiest dosas and sandwiches in the city. If you’re looking for a pocket friendly, hearty meal, this is where you need to go. Binge on their crispy masala dosa, or bite into their scrumptious veg grilled sandwich.

Quick tip: Have all of this, while sipping on some pineapple Energee.

Shiv Sagar, 9 outlets

Being one of the oldest South Indian and fast food restaurants in Mumbai, the dosas at any of their nine outlets are as delicious as they can get. The minute you enter the restaurant, the hustle in the place will give you authentic south Indian vibes. Apart from the dosas, their pao soaked in butter, with a creamy and flavourful bhaji is too good to miss!

Quick tip: Try their Rose Falooda.

Dosa Combo. Image Source: swiggy

Dosa Combo. Image Source: swiggy

Amar Juice Centre, 7 outlets

Had a loong night? Need some post party food? Amar Juice Centre will always be at your rescue. This famous eatery serves some really good fresh fruit juices, and delicious dosas! From their Spring Dosa, to Crispy Schezwan Dosa and to Chocolate Dosas, they have a vast menu that will satisfy all of your cravings.

Quick tip: It’s the perfect place for a drive-and-pick-up-food-date!

Dosa at Amar Juice Centre. Image Source

Dosa at Amar Juice Centre. Image Source

Dakshinayan, Juhu and Malabar Hill

If you’re looking for great South Indian food, head straight to Dakshinayan. Their menu consists of authentic South Indian dishes, with an array of different types of dosas. They have varieties such as Nei Dosai (ghee dosa) and Vengayya Dosai (onion dosa). They don’t have the modern fusion dosas, but they have something better- the Malgapodi Dosa. Even though this dish is not mentioned on their menu, you can ask your server to make this gunpowder dosa for you. You will not be disappointed!

Quick tip: Sip on their strong filter coffee to digest all of this yummy goodness.

Banana Leaf, 4 outlets

Dosas, even though light, are not always a healthy option to opt for if you’re on a diet. Why? Because the batter is made up of rice. Now you can enjoy your favourite dish and be healthy too. Apart from mouthwatering authentic dosas and South Indian dishes, Banana Leaf also has a healthy menu which consists of dosas made from ragi. They have various other healthy dishes as well, like Soya Upma and Oats Uttapam on that menu.

Quick tip: Don’t miss out on the Appam and Stew here.

Shreejee’s, Oshiwara

Shreejee’s is known for two things- their crispy dosas, and the perfect cup of chai right after. Their huge list of dosas, would keep making you come back for more. My favourite is the humble masala dosa. Even though one of the simplest dishes, these guys have mastered it!

Quick tip: Their Paper Dosa is quite yum too.

Elco, Hill Road

Even though Elco is known for its chaats and falooda, you must try the dosas here. This busy, restaurant, amidst Elco Market, is the ideal place to sit and enjoy a Chinese Cheese Dosa. Going with a group? Don’t worry! You can call for their XXL Dosas. Believe me, you will not want to eat anything more for the rest of the day.

Quick tip: Before or after you have your dosas, do try the famous Elco pani puri.

Pure Milk Centre, 3 outlets

Pure Milk Centre has so many dosas on their menu, that you will never be able to stop going there for more. Every time you visit, it is guaranteed that they will have a new addition. From dosas filled with cheese, to pasta and Maggi dosas, this place is the innovation king of fusion dosas. Social media is going mad about their Cheese Burst Dosa, and after I finally tried one, I realized that the fuss was worth it!

Quick tip: Make sure your phone is charged. You’ll want to click a lot of photos of your outstanding dosa(s)!

Cheese Dosa at Pure Milk Centre. Image Source:

Cheese Dosa at Pure Milk Centre. Image Source:

Hotel Ram Ashraya, Matunga East

This famous South Indian eatery is known for its dosas. The dosas here are so good, that you wouldn’t mind waking up early on a Sunday to demolish some of their popular delights. Their Mysore Masala Dosa, is everything you need to stay happy on the weekend.

Quick tip: Every Friday and Sunday, they serve Coconut Sevai on their menu. Do not miss out.

Neer Dosa at Hotel Ram Ashraya. Image Source

Neer Dosa at Hotel Ram Ashraya. Image Source

Cafe Madras, Matunga East

This is another South Indian gem in the city. At any point in the day, there will always be waiting for a table here (especially during breakfast!), so you would want to go as early as possible. Apart from their authentic South Indian food, the filter coffee here is supposed to be the best in the city.

Quick tip: The Neer Masala Dosa here is to die for.

Arya Bhavan, Matunga East and Nariman Point

It feels like Matunga East is the hub for enjoying a South Indian feast. Yet again, this authentic South Indian restaurant ticks all the boxes when it comes down to taste and presentation. If you want to enjoy a hearty meal in the way they do it down south, this is the place to be at!

Quick tip: Try their Moong Dal Dosa. You only get it on Sundays and on specific holidays.

Dosa at Arya Bhavan. Image Source

Dosa at Arya Bhavan. Image Source

D Rajnikhant Dosa, Vile Parle East and Mahim

Like its name suggests, everything on the menu here is epic and on point. In fact, the only thing on their menu is different variations of dosas! With a range of 55 distinct and yummy dosas, this quaint little restaurant is a dosa lover’s heaven.

Quick tip: Maggi Cheese Burst Dosa. Need we say anything further?!

Narayan’s Dosa, Grant Road

If fusion dosas are your thing, Narayan’s Dosa has everything that you need. Their menu consists of different types of dosas and uttapams. From Jain dosas, to Chinese dosas and to their impressive Palak Paneer Dosa, this pocket friendly joint will keep your taste buds and tummy very happy.

Quick tip: Try their Chocolate Cheese Dosa. Best combination ever!

Nandu Dosa Dinner, Juhu and Borivali West

This is a chilling spot for all the college students in the city. Their zesty juices give an immediate boost to the body. And of course, their dosas hit the right spot each time. They. Have both savoury and sweet dosas in their menu.

Quick tip: If you love your dosas crispy, try their Khakra dosa. This new way of presenting the dosa will blow your mind!

Manju Dosa Center, Khar

Ever since Manju first opened, the craze for this stall has still been undying. You will see long queues of people, waiting for their meals, during breakfast and lunch times every day. This stall is a hit amongst every age group and class (who even doesn’t love great dosas?!). Apart from the basic dosas, they even have dosas with and ‘east and west touch’ (i.e. American Chopsuey Dosa) Yum!

Quick tip: Lunch time calls for Manju’s Cheese Masala Dosa. Always.

Gughan Supreme South Indian, Marine Lines

This restaurant in the prettiest part of the city, is a total deal breaker. With typical South Indian interiors, and even more typical south indian food, Gughan makes every penny spent worth it. They have everything ranging from wadas, idlis, dosas and utappams. They also have decadent stews with soft appams. And their rawa dosas are just spot on!

Quick tip: Try the Cheese Rawa Dosa.

So, which of these places are you visiting first?