Drink In Lower Parel | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke October 18, 2018

It’s safe to say that Lower Parel’s landscape has undergone a serious makeover over the last few decades. What used to be a busy mill area, was practically dead for a few years until huge companies invested in all of Lower Parel’s abandoned mill land. A brand new commercial and business centre was born, and Lower Parel is now home to some of the city’s finest restaurants, bars and eateries. Hundreds of people come to the area every day for work, shopping and dining out. Daily, we hear about a new restaurant opening in Lower Parel. It’s like a virus that can’t stop multiplying. A good virus, though, because when have we ever been dissatisfied with unlimited options? The options are truly endless. Apart from lots of gastronomic options, you also have great bars of all kinds. Those for day drinking, partying, brunching, socializing and chilling out.

If trying to find the right bar is stressing you out, use this guide to pick the perfect spot to have a tipple in Lower Parel.

Toit Brewery, Todi Mills

The original Toit microbrewery is immensely popular in Bangalore, so its opening earlier this year already promised it success. It’s undeniable that great beer coupled with great food is a killer combination, and Toit promises the best of both. They have six signature brews on tap, quirky cocktails and pub grub with hints of Toit’s Kerala roots. The space is mostly wooden, has high ceilings and a good division of private booths and open tables. They currently have an Oktoberfest special lager on the menu, so grab it before it’s gone!

Choose when: you’re a big group of craft beer fans, wanting to hang out!


The Wine Rack, High Street Phoenix

The Wine wall at The Wine Rack, High Street Phoenix.

The Wine wall at The Wine Rack, High Street Phoenix.

As one of Mumbai’s first few wine bars to open, The Wine Rack introduced a lot of us to a brand new drinking experience. They have over 300 labels of wine to choose from, which are displayed on gorgeous racks lined across the walls. The menu here has been curated by celebrity chef Sarah Todd, along with Chef Himanil Khosla and restaurateur Ashish Dev Kapur who have made a refreshing selection of food items that are intended to go along with their wines. The have a lovely community table and some private booths that create an intimate experience.

Choose when: you and a special someone want to have a fancy night on the town.


Rocky Star Cocktail Bar, Kamala Mills

Wickedly Inventive Cocktails At Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

Wickedly Inventive Cocktails At Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

From the fashion industry’s distinguished designer, Rocky S, is a cocktail bar that spells chic. Everything about this space exudes grandeur – whether it’s the interiors, the drinks or the food. The cocktails don’t have names here, but are numbered instead, which sounds like a smart idea because surveying menus after one too many cocktails and searching for the right names can be a little laboursome. The food is inspired by Rocky S’ travels around the world, and are named after places he’s been to. For a cocktail bar, the food here is equally special, and makes for a complete dinner and drinks experience.

Choose when: date night with your BFF has been pending for a long time!


Lady Baga, Kamala Mills

Goa reminds you of a lot of things. Namely: beaches, seafood and beer. Lady Baga has recreated Goa’s iconic Baga Beach in their Kamala Mills space by mirroring the party beach’s vibe, food and drinks. You can chug on some King’s Beer or try their experimental Goa-inspired cocktails that infuse its Portuguese, Catholic and Konkani roots. If you take off your shoes, your toes will literally be buried in beach sand, while All You Need Is Love by The Beatles is playing in the background.

Choose when: You want to cheer yourself up after yet another Goa plan fails.


Bar Stock Exchange, Kamala Mills

BSE has become a go-to for big groups with big drinking plans. They have a winning formula: loud music + low alcohol prices + simple bar food. You might get a peg of Old Monk for INR 450 or a Jager Bomb for INR 200, you’re always in for a surprise here that guarantees you leaving with a light head. You will usually find a lot of working professionals grabbing drinks on a Friday night after work.

Choose when: you need to let loose after a long day at the office!


Social, Palladium, Todi Mills, Flea Bazaar Cafe

Social is to 20 year olds what Bonobo is to 30 year olds. If an average millennial is ever out of options on where to grab a drink, Social automatically becomes the place to be. They were one of the first ones to expose Mumbai to industrial style restaurant interiors while serving up innovative cocktails that are priced well. Their bar at Flea Bazaar Cafe also has their famous (and potent) LIITs on tap! Dim lights and dancing to Gasolina sounds like a plan I will never shy away from. 

Choose when: you and your buds want to celebrate small victories like: I didn’t cry when I was angry today!


Lord Of The Drinks, Kamala Mills

This space boasts of having Asia’s longest island bar stretching across the space at 200 fet. Their long bar means that you will never have to struggle behind tall men and high-heeled ladies to make your way to the front of the bar to place your order. The spacious bar also guarantees a lot of place to dance, and can accommodate big groups. Their cocktails do justice to their name, and their menu is filled with intriguing concoctions. A personal favourite is their take on a Harry Potter-esque Butterbeer which is a delicious mix of vanilla vodka, honey whiskey and caramel syrup.

Choose when: you’re a big group on a mission to have a wild night dancing.


Pop Tate’s, Kamala Mills  

If you’re a regular at Pop Tate’s, congratulations, you must have just graduated from Janata or Gokul. Pop Tate’s is great for their cheap alcohol and Riverdale style diner feels. They always seem to have happy hours going on, as there’s always a discount you can avail and it’s always crowded. Go early if you want to visit on a weekend night because this place is always packed. They have decent diner style food like burgers, onion rings and

pastas to go along with the beer pitchers you’re going to order for ‘cost-saving’ purposes.

Choose when: it’s the end of the month.


Luna, The St. Regis

Imagine this: you, looking your absolute best, with a glass of bubbly in hand, looking over the expanse of our city from high up above in one of Mumbai’s fanciest hotels. Sitting on the 38th floor of the St. Regis, Luna offers a great night out with rotating DJs, premium alcohol and awesome people watching.

Choose when: you and bae are dressed to the nines!


Now that you know where we like to drink, we can’t wait to see you out.