Where to Eat in Mumbai’s Teriminal 2 | MF Guide

By Devika Pathak November 2, 2017
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With the opening of Mumbai airport’s new international terminal in early 2014, frequent (and not so frequent) fliers were able to breathe a sigh of relief. The new terminal came replete with lots of light, contemporary design and of course, a wider and far-reaching selection of restaurants and cafes. Flying used to be a headache as travellers would have to balance the risk of eating at the airport or on the flight. The new international terminal now offers a huge array of dining options, and here are some of the better options.



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I think this was my favourite addition to the new terminal. Call me cliché, but there is just something about Starbucks that makes you feel like you’re part of something larger. Starbucks has managed to maintain their identity around the globe, so when you enter an outlet, you could be in New York, Mumbai or Dubai. The Starbucks in the airport is relatively large and offers their wi-fi along with the airport’s which makes it a great spot to get some work done before your flight.


Vaango is a great option when you want something flavourful and light. Offering up traditional South Indian cuisine, you really can’t fault the dosas, idlis and vadas at Vaango. Though this is a QSR, the food here is always piping hot and of the same quality that you would find at any South Indian restaurant in the city. I also love that they serve a good filter coffee that is an inexpensive alternative to your other coffee chains.


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Most airports have fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King (terminal 2 has one), which are great when you want something greasy but having a heavy, oil-laden meal before a flight is one thing I’ve learnt is never a good idea. I don’t need to tell you about what Subway offers, but I often prefer this to a Pizza Hut or Burger King just because it’s lighter and fresher.

Olive Bistro

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If you’re unlucky enough to have your flight delayed or find yourself without access to the GVK Lounge, then Olive Bistro is where I would recommend you set up shop. This is the only ‘upscale’ dining option in the airport and has a reasonably sized menu of Mediterranean and European dishes and even some decent wine. The comfortable seating and cosy ambience are great for helping you feel like you’re at a mall versus an airport waiting for your flight.

Indian Kebab Grill

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For those of us who don’t mind a heavy meal before a flight then Indian Kebab Grill is where you need to eat. Though some may recommend Street Foods by Punjab Grill over this, my reason for choosing Indian Kebab grill is that they have more comfortable seating. Set up like a proper restaurant, you can select from a menu or kebabs, barbecues and other North Indian delicacies. Perfect for those who want their last taste of India before heading out on an international holiday!