26 Types Of Wings At Firewings, Oshiwara | All The Deets

By Nidhi Mehra October 15, 2018
Wings Heaven At Firewings, Oshiwara!

Firewings is the newest takeaway kitchen in Oshiwara and has a killer menu with 26 types of chicken wings. We are so used to places dishing up the regular fried chicken that this was a refreshing change. I tried out a few things from their menu and here’s the rundown.

Chicken Makhani

Delicious makhani coated wings that are perfect for when you want something Indian but aren’t ready to commit to an entire meal.

Firewings Special 

Imagine a spicy Arrabiata sauce on a chicken wing. This was just that.

Oyster Sauce 

Tender chicken wings cooked with oyster sauce, ginger and soy sauce. These were unique in that I don’t think I’ve ever had a Chinese flavoured chicken wing!

Kentucky Style 

Your classic fried chicken. These tasted great with the tartar dip, I suggest sprucing it up with a squeeze of lime.

Lemon Pepper 

At the first bite, you don’t get much of the zesty lime taste but it slowly sets in. I personally loved this one. It was really different!

Pizzeria Cheese
The cheese wasn’t melted properly over the wings and the sauce was a tad too similar to the fun foods pizza sauce you use to whip up a fast pizza at home. Give these a skip.

Spicy Barbeque
These were well-balanced in terms of the spice and sweetness of the barbeque sauce. I would definitely order these again.

Peri Peri
I would only suggest these wings for those who enjoy super spicy food!

I also tried out two of their burgers;

They Have Burgers Too!

They Have Burgers Too!

Filet O Fish
A nice crunchy, fish patty topped with tartar sauce and lettuce. I think if you’re going to do something so similar to McDonald’s then you need to change it up, perhaps some cheese or more veggies?

Wing King Chicken Cheese Burger
A burger made for those with a hearty appetite, this featured a chicken patty topped with veggies, a fried egg and loads of cheese making it a meal in itself. Team this with a Coca-Cola or beer and you’re sorted!

If you’re a wing lover and have been trying to find a new place to order in from, I suggest you check Firewings out. What sets them apart is their breadth of flavours and affordability so while this isn’t going to be gourmet food, it will do the job!