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By Sanjana Subramanian December 13, 2018
The House of Tea Salon at Foothill, Bandra

If you’re a true-blue foodie like I am, the mere mention of Foodhall should be enough to put a spring in your step. So the minute I heard about Foodhall opening its largest outlet in the country in Bandra, I could not keep calm! Suffice it to say that you could find me online, scrolling through news feeds, simply waiting for this swish new outlet to open up. And then finally, it did.

This spanking new outlet is located on Linking Road, Santacruz West and sprawls across 25,000 sq. ft. Needless to say, it’s hard to miss, what with it being brightly lit and spread over four floors, beckoning you to come in and experience the joy of food. Of course, I needn’t mention how happy I was to finally walk through those glass doors, into Foodhall@Linking Road!

The Ground Level

I was greeted by the sight of beautiful green Hass avocadoes and fiery jalapenos neatly stacked in their clear boxes. The experience had begun. The ground level hosts The Bakery, the Juice Bar, the Farmer’s Market and The Fresh Garden.

Foodhall bakes its own bread at its warehouse, delivering it fresh to the outlet. Shop from fresh and artisanal breads and even healthy alternatives like quinoa bread and keto-friendly loaves. The counter even displays a neat little bakery schedule that notes the exact time of baking, so that what you’re picking up is always fresh.

While here, I bit into the classic pain au chocolat which was perfectly flaky and laced with just the right amount of chocolate. Treat yourself to one, or go for other varieties like the Dark Rye Sourdough, the Olive & Cheese Sourdough or the delicious butter croissants. Know someone who loves their ciabatta? Pick up a loaf and have it engraved with their initials. (Yes, they do that too!) If you’re a meat eater, try the salami pretzel, fetchingly displayed at the counter. Yet another shelf next to the bakery counter is stacked with healthy, baked treats. From paprika lavash to packaged Belgian vanilla waffles, they have it all.

World of Nuts, Foodhall, Linking Road

World of Nuts, Foodhall, Linking Road

The Farmer’s Market takes pride of place in the centre of the room, filled to bursting with fresh, organic and non-organic vegetables and fruits. Think Granny Smith apples, Fuji apples, lettuce, leafy greens and more. Speaking of which, the store employs cutting-edge technology by bringing to the city its very first Hydroponic Wall. What is that, you ask?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil using only water, boosted with plant nutrients. A fairly new method, it yields a robust and flavourful harvest of lettuce and other leafy salad greens rich in nutrients as they have been cultivated in a meticulously monitored environment. This wall has fresh offerings the likes of spinach, pak choi, lettuce and micro-herbs that are self-watering in nature.

Filled your basket with fresh produce? Take a break at the Juice Bar, curated by Sequel. Sip on a cold pressed juice or grab a smoothie from the bar as you flick your eyes over to The Flower Shop to the left. Stocked with fresh new flowers nearly every day, this spot urged me to stop a while and take in the beauty of the soft blooms. Round off your visit to the ground level by stocking up on Foodhall’s in-house dips and then zoom up to Level One!

Level One

As I stepped onto this floor, the rich scent of coffee assailed my nostrils. Sure enough, level one houses The Coffee Roastery & Coffee Lab, The House of Tea Salon, Foodhall’s Xocolatl’57, Japan’s confectionary brand Yoku Moku and India’s La Folie, apart from kitchen accessories and the like.

Xocolatl'57 at Foodhall, Linking Road

Xocolatl’57 at Foodhall, Linking Road

The Coffee Lab features hot brews curated by Koinonia Coffee Roasters with a sleek roasting machine sectioned off by a glass wall. So yes, you can pick the coffee bean best suited to your palate and watch it being whipped up specially for you. Not a coffee person? Fret not, just turn around and head to the beautifully appointed House of Tea Salon, with an entire wall dedicated to loose leaf teas with different properties.

I was offered a glass of lukewarm lavender tea which was every bit as delicious as the kettle it was poured from! Other offerings included Rose Bud tea, De-stress tea, Vanilla tea and more. The House of Tea Salon also offers gift boxes in quirky shapes and colours that you can choose from and fill up with your favourite loose leaf tea. Better still, they host high tea parties in the evenings, so you can visit with your friends and indulge in dainty macarons and madeleines as you sip on soothing tea.

Right across this salon are three absolute treats for those with a sweet tooth – Xocolatl’57, Yoku Moku and La Folie. When I stepped up to Xocolatl’57, the pastry chef was preparing a fresh chocolate bark that a woman and her child had ordered. I watched as the chocolate poured out of a spout onto a platter and sampled a piece of the Caramel and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bark. They have milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. Other choices on display included chocolate barks studded with candied oranges, rose petals and yummy marshmallows. Again, these chocolates make for excellent gifts, with the barks wrapped in neat packaging with a bow and a little hammer to break it with!

At Yoku Moku, choose from butter cigars, chocolate cigars or go for the elaborate gift boxes. La Folie offers bon bons, pralines and ganache varieties, apart from Chef Sanjana Patel’s signature chocolate bars. Apart from all of that, this floor offers about 20 varieties of water (including alkaline), ice-creams, seafood including clams, general merchandise and pet food.

Second Level

The Second Level consists of Foodhall’s first platform for cooking enthusiasts – The Foodhall Cookery Studio and its first Italian restaurant, Sorrentina. It also houses cutlery and top-notch kitchen gadgets from prestigious brands like Furi (used on MasterChef), Stanley Rogers and Kitchen Aid, all of which are available only at this outlet.

Cooking enthusiast or not, you must head to The Foodhall Cookery Studio that will instantly remind you of every MasterChef episode you’ve ever seen. This experiential kitchen brings culinary experts together to offer interactive cooking classes and certification courses. These include fun sessions like pizza making, learning to bake gingerbread houses, Keto masterclasses and lots more, nearly every day.

Foodhall Cookery Studio, Linking Road

Foodhall Cookery Studio, Linking Road

On the opposite end, Sorrentina by Foodhall, sits pretty. The store’s first ever restaurant, this 63 seater stands true to its name, derived from Sorrento, Italy. Sorrentino brings to the table modern Italian cuisine that is at the same time, rooted in tradition. The menu draws inspiration from the different regions of Italy with each dish relaying a story behind its origin. Think handmade pasta and pizza, affogato, antipasti, gelato and traditional tiramisu, served in an open-plan space with pops of fresh colour.

Lower Ground

Now this floor sure is something! As you look around, you’re bound to feel like a kid in a candy store. From the Cheese Cellar with 100 varieties of cheese to the exotic Chocolate Library packed with decadent treats, it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

We stopped by the Wine Cellar where you can choose from exquisite vintages before moving on to the World Of Nuts. This space holds several different types of salt (bag some Urte salt on your next visit if you’re an oregano lover), spices and more and lets you prepare your own healthy trail mixes, grind your own nutritious peanut and almond butter and roast nuts with the seasoning or mix of your choice. At Arqua, the in-house spice store, take home fresh, stone-ground spices and blends.

We then swung by the now famous Cheese Cellar. Stacked with everything from gouda to burrata to parmesan, this spot is every cheese lover’s dream come true! They even give you the choice of making your own cheese platters in case you’re playing the host for that upcoming party and offer truffles as well, packed neatly. Next to this cellar is Oliveology which includes premium artisanal cooking and salad oils from Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily and Umbria. There’s also an antipasti section filled with olives, gherkins, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and more to complement the oils.

The Cheese Cellar, Foodhall, Linking Road

The Cheese Cellar, Foodhall, Linking Road

This floor also holds the Meat Market. From duck and locally-bred Kadaknath chickens known for their protein content to freshly caught lobsters and fish, there’s an exotic selection of meats for you to choose from here. If that’s not enough, the staff can even marinate the meat for you in the marinade of your choice, to take home and serve hot.

Finally, after spending close to an hour touring all the levels, I plopped down at Café by Foodhall. This chic space easily seats 60 and offers dishes made using the finest hand-picked ingredients spanning across salads, sandwiches, meal bowls, churros, donburi bowls and much more with a special focus on artisanal coffees at The Coffee Bar, which also serves cold brews. Pick from their fresh drinks, with quirky offerings like the Jalapeno Lemonade and the Basil Chia Lemonade. Add the perfect finishing touch to your visit by trying the Jalapeno Avocado Hummus on Toast and the flavourful Malaysian Laksa Bowl.

And that, readers, is Foodhall@Linking Road for you! Five eateries across four levels. A state-of-the-art cooking school. Fresh produce. Smiling faces. Delicious meals. Need any more reasons to visit?

Address: Foodhall@Linking Road,

Plot No.106, Linking Road,

Santacruz – West Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400054

Time: 8:30am – 10:00pm