Second Nature Packs The Country’s Best Produce In A Bottle

By Mallika Dabke November 2, 2018
We Absolutely Loved Second Natures Fresh Juices

As citizens of the busiest city in the world, there’s no doubt that most of us fall short on making sure we’re treating our bodies right. We’re all guilty for choosing the easy way out, forcing our health to take the back seat. Second Nature Juices have just the perfect solution to tackle our urban health demands. They pack the country’s best produce in the bottle in the form of their delicious and nutritious juices and nut-milk drinks, and work with Indian farmers hand-in-hand to encourage their business and trade. I spoke with the company’s founder, Dipti Motiani, to get an insight about everything that Second Nature does and stands for. Read on to know more!

Tell us a little bit about the team behind Second Nature.

Second Nature was created in 2018 by the experienced management at Freshtrop, who wanted to create a product that was pure and nutritious enough for their own children to consume. As an organization, we at Freshtrop have been involved in the fruit business for the last 25 years. My father, Ashok Motiani, was one of the first people to successfully export fresh grapes and pomegranates to Europe from India and now the business is collectively managed by the family. Over this time, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge about the correct way to handle fruits and vegetables – what is technically known as post-harvest management, something which is sorely lacking in the Indian market. We are now using this experience to bring the highest quality of fruits and vegetables here, in the form of cold-extracted HPP juices and dairy-free nut-milks.

Talk us through your story.

Nature intended fruits to be eaten when they are just ripe for the picking, straight off the tree – at their absolute nutritious and tasty best. If we could all grow our fruits and vegetables in our backyard, we would do it. But that is not possible for most people. And this thought was the seed which led to the fruition of Second Nature.

As already mentioned, Second Nature is a product of over 20 years of experience in sourcing the freshest produce directly from farmers. We have seen the quality that fresh produce can have when managed properly and with the correct care. Regrettably, India, despite of being one of leading exporters of these fruits and vegetables to other countries, rarely sees these high-quality products in its own markets. We want to serve this very quality and taste to the Indian market, as cold extracted HPP juices.

Run us through all the Second Nature products.

We have four major product categories: cold extracted fruit juices – which have straight juices, such as pomegranate and watermelon, and blends like pineapple-mint, apple-amla, black grape-pomegranate-orange, etc., cold extracted fruit and vegetable juices – spinach-celery-ginger-orange and apple-beetroot-pomegranate, cold extracted fruit nectars, such as our guava-agave-chilli blend, and dairy free nut-milks, such as almond-water, almond-cocoa-dates, mango-almond, strawberry-banana-almond-grapes.

What is Second Nature’s USP? What are its standout elements?

Second To Tree: These three words adequately summarize who we are and what we are about. With 25 years of experience in the business, we know that the best way to get the maximum nutrition and taste out of most fruits is when you pluck them from the tree and have them. We believe, the second best is our way. And we have gone great lengths to ensure that you get to relish nature’s bounty as nature intended it to be. It starts with building meaningful relationships with our farmers and cultivating them with education and inclusive growth. The seeds of this fruitful relationship that were sown over two decades back have been bearing fruits for a long time now. And it’s this long-standing inner circle of trust that helps us achieve our goal. 

Where do you source your ingredients from? Are they local or imported?

At Second Nature, we believe in one simple philosophy – the juice is only as good as the fruit that goes into it.  Most of our fruits and vegetables are sourced directly from farms in India. For nuts or certain fruits which are not cultivated in India, we source these from producers globally who are certified with highest food safety standards, just like us. This means we ensure that the fruit and vegetables in our juices are sourced from the best and highest quality sources possible, whether they are local or from outside the country.

What are the best and worst aspects of being in this particular business?

The best aspects of this business for us has been constant for the last 25 years – it is the opportunity to impact Indian agriculture and educate our growers on doing things the right way. Irrespective of the scale of impact, knowing that we are bringing internationally accepted best practises in agriculture to India is a major factor for us.

In terms of the bad aspects, honestly, every business has its challenges. In India, for example, we lack an established cold chain infrastructure and the understanding, both at the consumer and retailer levels, of how much it impacts the quality of fresh produce. This lack of infrastructure undoes a lot of the good work put in at the farm level – today, grapes from Nasik are sent to both Mumbai and London. In Mumbai, they hit the shelves within 24-48 hours, while the process takes 4-6 weeks for London. However, the grapes in London are fresher after those 6 weeks as compared to the ones in Mumbai sold after a day or two. It is a critical part of the entire food and beverage puzzle that needs to be resolved in our country.

What is your personal favourite Second Nature product, and which one is the most popular amongst customers? 

Many variants have been doing well so far – Pineapple-Mint, Black Grape-Pomegranate-Orange, Almond-Cocoa-Dates and the Spinach-Celery-Ginger-Orange. But I think our biggest hit so far is the Jamun-Pomegranate juice.

Where can one purchase Second Nature?  

You can purchase Second Nature online from our website, or calling us on +91 8600-606-606. We are also available at select retail stores in Mumbai, Nashik and Pune. In online stores, we are on Big Basket in Pune and Milk Basket in Gurgaon and are coming to more cities soon, such as Bangalore, New Delhi and Hyderabad.