Healthy Eating In Bandra | MF Guide

By Mumbai Foodie May 10, 2018

It’s true that Bandra is a melting pot for new restaurants, a magnet for the coolest food trends and a food lover’s paradise. While we’ve seen a number of cuisines or styles fade in and out, clean eating has slowly, but surely become what this neighbourhood is best known for (along with the models who support this trend!). Most people nowadays are more interested in taking care of their bodies, focusing on food that is locally grown, sustainable and organic than on simply eating at the newest and most popular restaurant. Bandra is home to some of the city’s best healthy eating restaurants so we decided to create an MF guide for you to navigate the tiny lanes of Bandra for guilt-free eating!

I Think Fitness Café, Pali Hill


I Think Fitness Cafe.

From the chain of gyms of the same name, owner Suren Joshi set up I Think Fitness Café with a clear vision to serve gym-bros.  It’s no surprise that the menu here is well thought out and planned, to suit the requirements of everyone who steps in, which happens to be a very gym-going crowd. Their menu is easy to navigate, from breakfast to desserts. They serve simple meals made with ingredients that are super nutritious and perfect for you if you’re being careful about what you’re consuming . They also sell items like kombucha, granola, and gluten and sugar free cakes and cookies.

Don’t miss: Sweet Chilli Shrimp Roll, Chocolate and Cashew Parfait

Kitchen Garden by Suzette, Pali Hill


Kitchen Garden by Suzette.

Being  big fans of Suzette, all of us at Mumbai Foodie have a special place in our heart for Kitchen Garden. What we love about them, is their ability to do justice to the whole concept of healthy food by making it so damn yum and fresh. Their menu features the freshest produce, and is best by trying their salads and small meals. They even have a build your own salad or sandwich option which lets you truly explore the ingredients and customise your meal to your nutritional requirements. Lots of their produce is organic which is another great selling point. A few months ago, they opened their second outlet in BKC too.

Don’t miss: Their selection of cold pressed juices, Shakshuka Baked Eggs with Feta and Avocado, and as an added plus, coffee from Blue Tokai!

Birdsong – The Organic Café, Hill Road


Birdsong – The Organic Cafe.

This rustic café has a super relaxed vibe and fresh food to compliment it. You can spend a lazy afternoon with a book here, and sip on their hot chocolate, which is undoubtedly one of the best in the city. Most of their dishes are vegan, gluten free, and can be sugar free. They have a simple menu of burgers, pizzas and pastas, but all of these usually guilt-inducing dishes are made with specially sourced organic ingredients.

Don’t miss: Thin Cracker Pizzas, Keema Pao, Hot Chocolate, and their season’s special Mango Cheesecake.

Vibe Liquiteria, Pali Hill


This smoothie special shop is great for grabbing a power packed smoothie meal to go. Their smoothies are dairy and sugar free. Vibe has a great selection of ingredients that go into their smoothie bowls, from avocado to dragon fruit, whey protein, to pumpkin seeds.

Don’t miss: Karma Is A Peach, Basic Bro.

Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar, Pali Hill


The Green Goddess salad at Sequel.

The story behind how Sequel started is a classic- owner Vanika Choudhary quit her corporate life to switch to setting up her bistro. They entire menu at Sequel is gluten free, and they go by a strict no sugar and no flour rule in the kitchen. Instead, they use ingredients like buckwheat flour, amaranth, sorghum, chia seeds, etc. Most of their menu is vegetarian, with only a few non-vegetarian options available. They’re known to be the first juice bar in Mumbai. Now, you can find an outlet of theirs in Kala Ghoda too.

Don’t miss: Peruvian Cacao Smoothie, The Big Heist, Piece of Cake

Bombay Salad Co, Pali Hill


An assortment of salads from Bombay Salad Co.

We find their make your own salad bar busy at all times of the day. The wholesome and hearty salads at Bombay Salad Co. will shatter any idea that salads are just bowls of leaves. All their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced with a huge menu of dressings and toppings to choose from, giving salad a whole new avatar. Apart from salads, they also serve sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, juices, soups and healthy desserts.

Don’t miss: The Mexican Salad, The Oat-Chia Pudding

Farmer’s Cafe, Pali Hill


The Non Vegetarian Farmer’s Meal at Farmer’s Cafe.

Farmer’s Cafe is all about putting a healthy spin to dishes that are usually from the fast food category such as pasta, burgers, pizzas and cakes. We love their loaded pizzas which can be made with a whole wheat or gluten free base and are usually loaded with ingredients as diverse as kale, avocado, brown rice and vegan cheese. Their USP is that they source their ingredients directly from farmers giving you the peace of mind that you’re not ingesting any preservatives or chemicals. We also love that you can make absolutely anything on the menu vegan or gluten free! They also have a huge keto menu which is great for those on that diet plan.

Don’t miss: Farmer’s Meal, Skinny Pasta, Rainbow Pizza


While these are our absolute favourites, there are a lot more cafes and restaurants which have great vegan, gluten free, organic, an overall healthy options to their menus. For more, you can look at Ray’s Pizzeria for their vegan cheese, Apple A Day for their pocket-friendly rates on fresh and power-packed juices, and Pitchfork for delivery, Yoga House, Buddha Bowl and Healthy Treats.