15 Places Where Eating Healthy Is Easy | MF Guide

By Disha Hanspal November 15, 2018
Healthy Eating Is The Way Today!

There are many places where we can go out to eat, but that choice immediately narrows down when we want that meal to be healthy. Menus lined with carbs in the form of sandwiches, pasta, and pizza tease us and next to fried appetisers and indulgent desserts dripping with chocolate.

Some places, however, find a good balance. On a visit to any of these, you can order from a comfortable blend of taste and health. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?!

Visit any of these restaurants that serve healthy food without compromising on taste:

The Pantry, Fort

The Pantry is a vibrant café known for its delicious and healthy food. They focus on drinks as much as on food, as you can see in their Vitamin Boosts, Dates & Banana Soy Shake, non-bitter Cold Brewed Coffee and the warm and comforting Organic Honey, Haldi Doodh!
What we love the most at The Pantry though is the Nutrition Boost Salad! Also, do not miss their Flourless Chocolate Cake and their Fresh Fruit Baked Yogurt- it’ll be a complete treat to your sweet tooth without any guilt.

Quick tip: Get the Date, Banana and Soy Smoothie, or the Salted Caramel Shake with Almond Milk.

Bombay Salad Co, Bandra

The name says it all! Bombay Salad Co is a salad hub in good ol’ Bandra. Pick from a menu of different Salads, or make your own salad when you’re feeling creative. Oil free dressings are an option here, so you can eat guilt-free.
Apart from Salads, they also serve Sandwiches & Wraps, Smoothies, Juices, Soups and Healthy Desserts! Our personal favourites are The Mexican Salad and The Oat-Chia Pudding.

Quick tip: There smaller salad bowl is more filling than you think it might be.

Kala Ghoda Café, Fort

This one isn’t your typical healthy cafe. Their compact menu has wholesome breakfasts, salads and soups. You can enjoy eggs prepared in various ways, Oat Porridge or even a Yogurt and Muesli Breakfast.
Kala Ghoda Cafe’s excellent Dark Chocolate Waffles, made out of whole wheat and served with Granola. Try and get the couch upstairs to enjoy them!

Quick tip: The salads here are exceptional

The Yoga House, Carter Road

A yoga and Ayurveda themed cafe situated on Carter Road that serves food made of natural ingredients. This place has a serene, calm vibe and even better food. There’s novelty in the ‘I Am Sipping’ dessert, a cup of homely Masala Chai with three homemade ladoos.
The place has a Vegan friendly menu as well, and we absolutely love the Almond Milk Smoothie with Banana and Cinnamon!

Quick tip: Signature Hash Browns and Carrot Cake. You’re welcome.

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This is our house favourite – the ‘I am Fruitfilling’ summer salad. 🌸 ~ Made from a fresh and tangy mix of fruit and vegetables including succulent oranges 🍊, crunchy pomegranates, roasted pistachios and juicy cherry tomatoes 🍅. With a sprinkling of feta and a splash of olive oil and balsamic, this colourful dish contains an abundance of goodness! ~ Did you know that pomegranates have been used by ancient civilisations as medicine for thousands of years?! Rich in antioxidants, these delicous jewel-like fruits improve digestion, treat diabetes, aid fertility, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve arthritis and are packed with Vitamin D and E. Who knew something so tiny could be so powerful?! 💪 ~ Don’t forget that all the produce used in the Yoga House Cafe comes from certified organic farms and we have a wide range of gluten free and vegan options available 🌿. ~ We hope to see you soon! . . #mumbaiyoga #bandrayoga #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogisofinstagram #vegan #plantbased #vegetarian #nutrition #healthfood #healthfoodcafe #organic #organicindia #healthyliving

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Pishu’s, Andheri, Juhu, & Malad

This is a small chain of vegetarian fast food cafes known for a healthy menu. All their food ingredients are organic and they have an amazing selection of salads and other healthy choices. We dig the Exotic Salad. They also have Power Puffed Meals as part of their menu, with dishes like the Hummus Platter.
Their Healthizzas are a healthy twist on pizzas, with a cracker base under low-fat cheese with your choice of toppings, They also add flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds. From their wide range of fresh juices, we love the Fat Burner (obviously), made from Dudhi, Pineapple, Tomato, Ginger, and Mint!

Quick tip: Pishu’s has the calorie count for all items written down, so you can stop worrying about your calorie intake!

Ministry of SaladsBreach Candy

A quaint little place that serves quick bites with a healthy twist is just what Breach Candy needed. They have a range of freshly promising and innovative salads, sandwiches and wraps!
Their Thai Crunch Salad is a universally-loved item on the menu. The Watermelon and Feta Salad is so fresh and delicious- that you’re going to forget about all the heat in the city!

Quick tip: They put new specials on the menu every week.

Fitness Bakery, Carter Road

Fitness Bakery is a delivery-only dessert parlour on Carter road that takes our favourite tasty sweets and reinterprets them in a healthy way. Their desserts are gluten-free and sugar-free and high protein. Don’t worry, they’re also delicious.

Quick tip: Dark Chocolate Cake with Fresh Berries, Sweet Potato Brownies and the Yogurt Cheesecake are our faves.

Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel

Easily one of the city’s finest sunlit all-day spaces, Café Zoe effortlessly includes healthy food as a part of their concise menu. Get the Black Grape and Blueberry Smoothie and the Smoked Salmon Salad. Also, their Tomato and Fennel soup for when you crave the perfect subtle soul food!

Quick tip: Sunday morning breakfasts here are a treat as well. 

Green Village Cafe, Oshiwara 

Like the name suggests, the interiors of this cafe are lush green. With creepers and plants at every corner and bright lit interiors, the minute you enter this place, you will be stunned by the freshness. They have an elaborate menu with healthy options for both food and drinks. They also have a few vegan, keto and organic options as well. All in all, if you’re watching your weight, but don’t want to miss out on delicious food- you must visit this cafe. 

Quick tip: Their Vegan Chocolate Cake and Keto Almond Milk Brownie Shake are divine! 

Kale and Kaffe, Andheri West 

Can’t decide between tasty or healthy? You can now opt for both! Kale and Kaffe has a simple but hearty menu. You can also make your own salad or choose from the long list of options that they have. They also have a keto menu, which is perfect for all you gym addicts out there. Don’t know where or what to eat after an intense workout session? The food over here will definitely pump your body up with all the greens that you need.

Quick tip: If you’re a breakfast food fan like me, you’d love their all-day breakfast menu.

Kitchen Garden By Suzette, Pali Hill  

If I had to choose a place to sit at with a book and a fresh juice, this would be it. Kitchen Garden is the best place to sit and introspect, while giving your body all the nutrients and good, organic food that it needs. The calm vibes at this cafe are totally contagious! 

Quick tip: Their cold pressed juices are really flavourful and hit the right spot every time! Don’t miss out on the Purple Booster.

Buddha Bowl, Hill Road

Craving Asian food, but don’t want to think about all those carbs? Order one of the scrumptious Asian bowls from Buddha Bowl, and your tummy will be happy. On days where you don’t feel like getting out, or cooking at home, you can order in deliciously healthy food from here. Along with Asian staples, they also have baos made with buckwheat, jowar or quinoa (you can choose). Their authentic flavours and healthy twists will blow your mind away! 

Quick tip: If you love spicy food- do try their Jungle curry. You can ease out the spice with their Toasted 7 Seeds Vegan Brownie, right after! 

Farmer’s Cafe, Pali Hill 

A tiny, quaint cafe with wooden interiors and cozy vibes,  is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy meal with homely comfort. Everything on the menu is organic and locally sourced from the restaurant’s network of farmers. They also have a pizza menu that states #MakeUnhealthyHealthy. The base of the pizza is made with organic whole wheat skinny bread and organic skim cheese. They have a keto menu too. Need I say anymore? 

Quick Tip: Their English Breakfast Pizza with Eggs and the Vitamin Sea Pizza are our all-time favorites. 

BirdSong Cafe, Hill Road 

BirdSong has a very rustic feel to it. The interiors are raw and speak a lot about the vibe and the food at the place. Everything on the menu is organic, and they have a vegan menu as well. We personally love their smoothie menu. All their milk based drinks have vegan options (soy or coconut milk) as well. It is the apt place to go to for a breakfast date. 

Quick tip: Try their Dark Chocolate Almond Ice cream. It’s heaven on earth!!

Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar, Pali Hill 

Sequel is a great place to eat healthy as well as spot some of Bollywood’s biggest stars. They have the most healthy, organic, and photo worthy food available on their menu with raw and vegan options as well. Apart from sourcing organic ingredients from around the world, the restaurant also has organic wine on their menu, which give them major brownie points according to us! 

Quick tip: Their ‘Energy Bowl’ totally lives up to its name! 

So, the next time you don’t feel like cooking or have access to healthy home food, you know where to go to. Keep your calorie count in check without your taste buds knowing.