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By Sarvesh Talreja July 19, 2018
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Indian food inherently is generously spicy, with flavour profiles varying immensely from one dish to another, and even one regional style to another. And yet, as a culture, hot sauce hasn’t quite caught up widely in urban India. We’re more than happy to dip our Western appetisers in the same old mayo, mustard and ketchup.

Here to switch the game up are some new and exciting dipping sauces, some Asian, some African, and some delightfully Indian in flavour. Fire up something fried to start dipping?

Bandar Foods 

Started by friends Lalit and Dan as an Indian-American venture, this brand now offers five delightful sauces. In easy-squeeze bottles, you’ll find that the Mint Cilantro one tastes very close to the Indian green chutney, which is its inspiration.  The Spicy Mango, launched with the former, feels like a mango pickle cleaned up from the oily, slight logistical mess that it can be. More recent flavours include classic Indian flavours like Bombay Ketchup, Chilli Garlic, and a special Sweet Mango as well.

Available at,, Cornucopia in Matunga.


A Kerala-based company that is known to most as an e-commerce destination, Sprig came to some limelight across the country as one of the first manufacturers of Bhut Jolokia sauce. Their website has a tab labelled Hot Sauces, from which you can pick from six flavours: Passion Fruit Malagueta, Mango Jalapeno, Ginger Teriyaki, Habanero, Chipotle Adobado, and the famed, sharp yet somewhat challenging Bhut Jolokia.

Available at and


The pocket and spice-friendly joint has left a giant void by shutting shop in Mumbai, but thankfully, one can still get a dose of their lovely sauces. The Peri Peri sauces are divided up as Hot, Extra Hot, and XX Hot. Gentler flavours like Wild Herb and Lemon & Herb are also available to pick up.

Available at Foodhall, Nature’s Basket (select outlets), Big Basket, and Amazon.


Started off as a dip company, Wingreens has expanded to include delicious Indian sauces in their offerings. Vibrant, easy-squeeze bottles carry names that simultaneously sound exciting and familiar. They offer a very wide range, so you can pick from flavours like Schezwan Chilli Garlic Sauce and Cheesy Jalapeno to more interesting Indian takes like Achari Sauce, and even a Peri Peri Ketchup!

Available at Nature’s Basket, Big Basket, Amazon, Foodhall, and select stores.

Mama Africa’s

This brand offers sauces and relishes, available in different sizes (125 and 375 ml). Sauces available by them include classics of the continent, like Peri Peri and Red Chilli. Jalapeno and Chilli Mint are the milder ones, both of which feature consistently in dishes from across the continent. The relishes are best served with salads and sausages, with the top of the heap definitely being the Hot Red Chilli.

Available at Foodhall, Big Basket, & Amazon.

Mama Africa’s Sauces. Image Source

Mama Africa’s Sauces. Image Source

Huy Fung Foods, Inc

Hot sauce enthusiasts will recognise the name of this company immediately. Most famous for bringing and popularising Sriracha to the world, this company specialises in manufacturing Asian sauces. Their Indian bestselling sauces include a Vietnamese Chilli Garlic Sauce and classic Indonesian Sambal Oelek – a traditional ground chilli paste that’s unique and customisable by most homes and restaurants that make it across the country. There is, of course, good ol’ Sriracha too.

Available at Foodhall, Nature’s Basket (select outlets), Big Basket and Amazon.

Huy Fung Sriracha. Image Source

Huy Fung Sriracha. Image Source

Image: Huy Fung Sriracha. Image Source:

Sticky Sugo

Local Mumbai sisters Marina Kotwal and Leah Poonawalla teamed up to make this hot sauce happen. Sticky Sugo is described as ‘healthy-ish’ on their slick, stylish, and colourful website. Available in Classic and Extra Hot versions, you’ll find the 200 ml bottle ooze out a pleasantly orange sauce, that’s versatile with a hint of spice and texture somewhere between light and indulgent.

Available on

Marina And Leah of Sticky Sugo. Image Source

Marina And Leah of Sticky Sugo. Image Source