The Ice Cream Macarons At Yauatcha Are As Spectacular As They Look

By Mallika Dabke November 25, 2018
Are Yauatcha macarons the best in the city?

Other than being everybody’s favourite dim sum and tea destination, Yauatcha has always killed it with their desserts. The classic pairing of Cantonese dim sum and tea is uniquely put together with their European style desserts at the Yauatcha Patisserie.

Already well known for their decadent macarons, Yauatcha has introduced something never done in the city before: ice cream macarons. Building on the nostalgic memory of an ice cream sandwich, Yauatcha Patisserie has created three unique ice cream macaron varieties that truly represent everything that the restaurant stands for. There truly isn’t a single one out of the three that failed to impress me.

Ice cream macaron - yauatcha

The Lychee Raspberry Ice Cream Macaron at Yauatcha.

The first one of the lot was the Coconut Lime, in which a delicate piping of coconut lime sorbet rests between macaron shells that are dusted with coconut powder. The freshness of the coconut and lime shines through, and the classic flavours complement each other really well. The second one is their Lychee Raspberry, which is a replicate of Yauatcha Patisserie’s iconic Raspberry Delice. In this one, a very strong lychee and raspberry ice cream lies sandwiched between the raspberry powdered macaron shells. The sweetness from the lychee concentrate is sliced through with the acidity from the raspberry flavour, making a spectacular macaron. The third, final, and my favourite from the lot, is the Chocolate Soy Caramel. This one truly speaks volumes of what Yauatcha Patisserie strives for: the balance between European and Cantonese dessert elements. By pairing a divine chocolate with the eclectic soy caramel, this macaron is a killer combination that outshines them all for me. It might not sound like a classic flavour, but take a risk with this one!

Ice cream macaron - yauatcha

The 3 unique ice cream macaron flavours.

All in all, don’t miss out on these gorgeous ice cream macarons at Yauatcha, for when you want something familiar yet novel. I already can’t wait for what they come up with next, but for now I’m going to indulge in some nostalgia mixed with exotic flavours at Yauatcha to satiate my sweet tooth!