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By Mumbai Foodie June 6, 2017

The terrible season of heat is pretty much on its last legs now. We’re counting down the days for the clouds to crowd the sky, mostly grateful that we survived. Fuelled by a range of interesting ice teas from all over town, that is.

Read up for a light, relaxing drink:


Turban Tales, Powai

Muskmelon Patiala Ice Tea.

Muskmelon Patiala Ice Tea

A chirpy, vibrant dhaba-style space in Powai, Turban Tales serves Ice Tea in Patiala Glasses – we’re talking about 600ml or 1200ml in capacity. The ice tea syrups are made in-house, and the drinks are topped with the respective fruits. Options on the menu include Raspberry Apple, Peach & Almond-berry, Passion fruit & Pomegranate, and a newly-introduced Muskmelon.

Quick tip: You can opt for alcohol-versions of these ice teas, too!

Butters – The Tipsy Gastropub, Fort


As the name suggests, this ‘tipsy’ gastropub serves an amazing range of cocktails. The ambience is perfect for a squad outing, with bonus points for good music and clean décor. Beer bottle lights hang on the windows, making great bokeh backgrounds. That they serve a light, refreshing Rasberry Ice Tea, along with the usual Lemon & Peach ones is what makes them a good bet for a hot day.

Quick tip: Pair your drinks with the interesting small plates.

AKA Bistro, Fort
With tasteful fashion-inspired decor at this elegant all-day spot, you’re most likely in for a charming visit. The ice teas at AKA Bistro are by TGL, who source loose leaves internationally to blend in India. You can count on the teas being flavourful, best enjoyed when served without any sweetener. Get the Mogo Mogo (melon, guava, banana, mango, and sunflower). Other options include Geisha – sesame, bamboo, Schizandra berries, ginger, & rose, and Maui – black tea, apple figs, lemon peel, & cornflowers.

Quick tip: You can add organic honey as a sweetener to the chilled drink.

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra


Sit back and relax with a couple of beers as you watch a match or attend a gig here. The wings and the momos are popular here, along with their beers. They have classic Lemon & Peach ice teas, and a special Lemongrass Ice Tea.With in-house lemongrass syrup, this is easily the most fun Asian flavour to overcome summer with.
Quick tip: They just got a new menu!

Indigo Deli, All outlets


We’re always charmed by this chain and the consistent quality of food served here. A very unique ice tea on their menu is the Black Forest Ice Tea, which is a blend of cherry juice with Oolong tea. Some cocoa and cinnamon is added to this, and it’s finished with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Quick tip: Visit Indigo in Colaba for their new menu!

Sassy Spoon, Bandra & Nariman Point
The elegant and colourful branches of the Sassy Spoon have four ice teas on its menu. We particularly like the Mint Tea Punch with pineapple, and the spiced Orange & Honey ice tea.

Quick tip: Pair your ice teas with the Sassy Fries Trio or Grilled Tenderloin Chilli Cheese Toast.


What’s the most interesting ice tea you’ve ever tried?