Get Steaming Thai Meals From A Microwave

By Partner February 22, 2017
IFB Minute Meals are available in Asian Noodles, Fried Rice with Water Chestnut, and Thai Red Curry.

Microwave food is usually a quick fix. We barely cook in microwaves, using them instead to either heat up leftover food or pop kernels of corn before we sit down for long binge-watching sessions.

Popular microwave and electronics manufacturer IFB, however, wants to change that. Their latest offering in the food and beverage market is called Minute Meals, essentially a pre-packed meal in itself that needs a few moments in a microwave to come into its own. The 100% vegan meals are manufactured in Thailand, and sell at Rs 200.

We tried the Thai Red Curry with Jasmine Rice and Fried Rice with Water Chestnut variants, and let’s just say that any biased expectations you may have are going to be steamed away.


These Asian Noodles came straight outta a microwave. Image: Vinayak Grover

These Asian Noodles came straight outta a microwave.

The packaging is likeable and sturdy, as a white plastic tray finds its way into a box with a cleanly-designed layout and a photo of the food. While most companies show drool-worthy images of food and then give you an awful mish-mash of a product, the images on the Minute Meal packets are far more authentic representations of the food within.
Instructions to prepare this meal are rather straightforward: you take the tray out of the box, make holes across the film that covers the food, and set your microwave to high, leaving the tray to cook for 5-6 minutes.

What comes out, first of all, is an intense aroma. We noticed this while preparing both, the Thai Red Curry with Jasmine Rice as well as Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts. A lively, engulfing aroma is your first encounter with this microwave-prepared meal.

Next, you ideally want to take off the film that covers the food, made easy by good design. Tearing the film off lets some steam out, giving one their first sight of this meal in its ready-to-eat state. While the Thai Red Curry with Jasmine Rice was in a tray divided to hold rice and curry separate, the Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts remained spread out on the compact expanse its container afforded it.


Fried Rice and Water Chestnuts has a range of pleasing texture. Image: Vinayak Grover

Fried Rice and Water Chestnuts has a range of pleasing texture.

It’s hard to pick what one would like more between the dishes, as both come with their own charm and unique flavours. The Fried Rice is the simpler, more efficient eat of the two. It’s sprinkling of carrots, peas, mushroom, and water chestnuts make it a nice meal for those on the go, especially if they want a dose of vegetables. Thai Red Curry and Jasmine Rice is delightful, with the curry containing ingredients you’d find even if it was prepared in a kitchen one room away. It’s gentle, comforting colour was on point just a little less than the aroma and the remarkable flavour of the slight spice we enjoy in Thai curries.

These Minute Meals by IFB are ideal for someone seeking a hearty, effortless meal. We can imagine popping them into the microwave for those 5 odd minutes and then eating up a storm at the end of a day when you’re in no mood to cook.

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