Finally, A Multiplex Serving Fresh, Delicious Food

By Partner April 24, 2017
Whip, Chip & Dip

Celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani has put together a dashing menu for INOX Insignia, the chain’s signature experience at Nariman Point.

What’s unique about this, though?

To begin with, the food is made from fresh, local ingredients that help bring out the best tastes in the international flavours. The TVC for Inox Insignia, for example, shows Ratnani cooking in full flow, with food one really does want to eat for its freshness and popping brightness.

The interactive self-ordering food kiosk in the lobby, which happens to be India’s first and one-of-its-kind, allows you to serve yourself effortlessly, while In-App food ordering and Butler on call features allow you to experience as much comfort as one is legally allowed to.

Sitting on the plush recliner seats and beating the queue is definitely a perk of this multiplex, along with a range of treats across sections of a menu. Light bites include flavoured Makhanas, Habanero Tabasco Popcorn, and delightful pasta and healthy burrito wrap recipes from the popular chef’s kitchen.

Other noteworthy things about the INOX Laserplex include an auditorium with truly futuristic decor, holding in it micro-adjustable premium Italian leather ergonomic recliners. These come with remote controlled extensions to stretch your leg, a USB port to charge your devices, and a button to call a Butler so you don’t have to do much except lift a finger.

The finest part of the experience, unlike most movie theatres we have visited, is the quality of food. We started with the Whip, Chip & Dip, which offers pita and lavash along with a trio of dips – generously thick hung curd, flavourful and hearty beetroot, and a pesto one that’s creamed to look lighter.

Hariyali Spiced Biryani

Hariyali Spiced Biryani

Mumbai Roadie is a gourmet upgrade on the street side sandwiches one finds around the city, although the indulgence comes less in the form of butter and more from the delicate bell peppers and beetroot of superior quality, both making the vegetables the star between these breads. Hariyali Spiced Biryani comes along with a range of flavours, and thankfully no elaichi that we caught. The well finished grains of rice were spiced delicately and wouldn’t be out of place at a 5-star hotel or high end restaurant.

A superb summer treat for anybody, the Mixed Meloncholy is a subtle delight and the perfect order for those who want to cool their bodies and eat a lighter meal that still has a delightful, fruity flavour.

Generously loaded Nacho Grande is another item to watch out for, with chips coated finely with a smooth spice, then topped off with sauces and toppings that are almost too refined for any space, let alone our expectations of multiplex food.

This is a meal and an experience to watch out for. Although INOX Insignia is currently only available at the Nariman Point outlet, the coming month will see more and more auditoriums around the country find this luxurious experience.