Inside Lady Baga | New Opening

By Mallika Dabke December 27, 2017
I'm not salivating. You are!

Think – the sun, the sea and susegad.

Goa’s primary attraction to tourists has always been all about the clubs, the jet ski rides, and the cheap beer. But for some of us, all of these flashy aspects of Goan tourism are clouded by its glorious food scene. For me, every Goa trip has been about hopping from one beach shack to the next, and consuming unbelievable amounts of prawn curry rice, for all meals of the day. What matters is the calamari, the mussels, the lobsters, and the caramel custards, over the night clubs, the paragliding, and the hysteric banana boats.

I’d sooner be found in a backyard-turned-cafe of a local Goan aunty feeding me with a passion that we both share.

SPOILER ALERT: This is in Mumbai, not by the beach in Goa!

SPOILER ALERT: This is in Mumbai, not by the beach in Goa!

Stepping into Lady Baga, the newest opening in Kamala Mills was like being transported to Goa. I don’t think I can say this for many other restaurants in the city. Our experience started before we were even seated. The decor is all hippie everything, and the music is straight from the 60s and 70s – The Beatles, Boney M, Elvis Presley, the likes. Their outside area has two hammocks to chill on, and actual beach sand on the ground. I can continue talking about their interiors and vibes for days!

We were welcomed with a shot of kokum juice, after which we dived straight into an array of authentic Goan starters.

We relished on some super juicy lamb chops in a cafreal sauce. The vegetable rissos were so succulent; we had a hard time believing that it was all just vegetables chopped up together with no sign of meat. Clam Vol Au Vents and the Chicken Gusado were a welcome surprise to the taste buds.


The peak of our meal has to be the Rachaedo Crab. It was so much fun to work through the tough crab shell to get to the juicy crab meat that was coupled with the spicy rachaedo masala.

It’s almost a sin if you’re missing out on prawn curry and rice if you’re at a Goan food restaurant. The unmissable main course came with a side of dried fish, vegetable pickle, and a minty mayonnaise.


Prawn Curry and Rice - Yes, please!

Prawn Curry and Rice – Yes, please!

The accompanying cocktails were a treat, and ranged from strong to mild – An Acid Test, A Fizzy Ginger with Scotch, and a vodka based drink with real chorizo infused in it!

Our spicy meal was tied together by the dessert. We ate a Serradura, a Portuguese dessert made of layers of biscuit crumbs, cream and condensed milk.

Even though we relished our spectacular lunch meal, we can’t wait to go back in the night time, because we are sure it’s going to be happening, what with all the popping cocktails, and head-bobbing to Here Comes The Sun.

About time we had an upscale Goan food joint in the scene.