Inside The Little Easy, Bandra | New Opening

By Krishna Bahirwani December 8, 2017

Away from the city’s usually bustling streets, tucked away into one of the quiet lanes is Bandra’s newest and best-kept secret. The Little Easy, modelled as a speakeasy is a blast from the past that takes you back to America’s prohibition era. During the 1920’s and early 1930’s, these bars were the only places to procure booze as alcohol was banned throughout the United States. Post that time; the term has become ubiquitous with hidden bars with fantastic cocktails.

Your first introduction to this speakeasy-style bar is through a small opening of a massive metal door. Ring the bell that accompanies the entrance and state your reservation to find yourself transported to another time. Once inside, you are amongst an audience that appreciates food as an inquisitive experience accompanied by cocktails that rebel against the norm.

After having a look at what was available, we decided to go with Schezwan Bullets, Jacked Potato Skinnes, Mini Naan Bombs, Chicken Taco Tikka’s and Pan Tossed Prawn Stars, to begin with.

The Chicken Taco Tikka became our instant favourite thanks to the spicy taste of the chicken going perfectly with the crispy outer shell and mashed potato. We also loved the Pan Tossed Prawn Stars which were prepared with a creamy butter garlic sauce and the Jacked Potato Skinnes which were an excellent alternative to fries.

TLE Disclaimer 911

Disclaimer TLE 911

We then moved on to try the Disclaimer TLE 911, which were hot chicken wings and the Colombo Combo, a Sri Lankan fish curry. The wings were made well, and the flavour was familiar while the Combo tasted like a mix of Goan fish curry and Thai curry and tasted entirely new.

For dessert, we decided to go with The creme brulee blotto and the Philadelphia cheesecake, both of which felt like great options to end the meal.

We enjoyed our time at The Little Easy and felt like the instrumental music, and artwork in the space complimented our meal perfectly. We are definitely going to visit again.