Inside Tanatan, Juhu | New Opening

By Mallika Dabke January 5, 2018
The Mangalorean speciality - Kori Roti Bowl

It is heartwarming, to say the least, to see a spurt of new restaurants serving Indian food lately. Although these new openings have left behind the charm of white plates and brass bowls, it’s refreshing to see authentic Indian food take a modern route.

Tanatan, based in Juhu makes you believe that it is the perfect culmination of a modern, Indian food restaurant. When you step inside first, expect to be overwhelmed in the nicest way, by gargantuan temple bells, traditional paintings that scale the walls, and classic motifs. If you pay close enough attention, you might find Michael Jackson’s face replacing what was meant to be a portrait of an age old Indian Royal.

The menu at Tanatan reflects a lot of research and travels along the length and breadth of the country, mixed with a serious case of taking risks, and having fun with food.

Our visit started at a slightly dismal note. Some of the eye-grabbing items on the menu were not available in the kitchen that day, so we had to settle with our second or third choices.


A surprise to your taste buds - the Khow Suey Samosas.

A surprise to your taste buds – the Khow Suey Samosas.

From the appetisers, we had a Khow Suey Samosa, a flavour and texture that you might not be expecting. It looked like an upscale spring roll – the outside, crisper than usual samosas, and the inside, like a dried up bowl of Khow Suey. Our second starter, the Murg Bharwaan Lahori, looked rewarding. It was two lush looking pieces of chicken breast stuffed with smoked chicken kheema. It smelled, looked, and tasted great, keeping aside the fact that chicken was surprisingly tough, and oily.


Our favourite part of the meal - fresh Bombil Fry!

Our favourite part of the meal – fresh Bombil Fry!

Our favourite part of the meal, was a whole plate of Bombil Fry. The soft bombay duck with a perfectly crispy skin was the highlight of our meal. The quantity was not disappointing in any way, and we only remembered to reign in our appetite once we were each two and a half bombils in.


Dal Bukhara, Paneer Makhanwala and Lachha Paratha.

Dal Bukhara, Paneer Makhanwala and Lachha Paratha.

This was followed by their Paneer Makhani and Dal Bukhara which came with buttery Lacchha Parathas. While the Paneer and Dal were reminiscent of Delhi Streets, the parathas were on the queasy side of extra buttery.

Onto the final main course, something that we were most looking forward to, was the Kori Roti Bowl. It consisted of an authentic Mangalorean Chicken curry that ticked all the right boxes in terms of flavour. The curry came with a crispy rice roti. Usually, the kori roti is super thin, that almost melts in your mouth, but the one Tanatan was giving us a hard time to break through.


The Chai on a High.

The Chai on a High.

When it came to the cocktails, the Chai On A High, which was supposed to be a vodka based drink with colour changing tea in it, did not taste like vodka, or tea, or anything, really. It was like drinking just icy water. Our second cocktail, the Cocktail Tana Tan was a passable whiskey based, and vanilla flavoured concoction.

Ultimately, our favourite part of the visit, was marvelling at the restaurant interiors, that surely look like were given a whole lot of thought. They have live hindi music every single day, for both lunch and dinner, which makes Tanatan a great spot for family gatherings, and kitty parties (we witnessed three different kitty party tables that had met up for lunch the same time as our visit!). Tanatan is, no doubt, a reimagined Indian food restaurant, with all the flowery imagination part done right, but without serving real justice to the potential Indian food has to showcase.