Chatting With Ankiet Gulabani About ‘Kabhi Sushi Kabhi Shalgam’

By Sanjana Subramanian December 5, 2018
Ankiet and Urooj

Cooking today is a lot more than throwing together a plate of scrambled eggs or grilling a sandwich with copious amounts of cheese in it. Cooking, if I do say so myself, has become fun! If you just pulled a face, I have two words for you – Ankiet Gulabani.

Popular food blogger and cookery writer, Ankiet knows exactly how to make food look like fun. I mean, have you checked his Instagram page? It’s full of the most mouth-watering and innovative dishes ranging from Battenberg cakes to chicken and beer pies, recipes for which he dutifully shares with his followers.

Ankiet and Urooj cooking

Ankiet and Urooj cooking

But don’t worry, you don’t have to have access to the most exotic ingredients in order to cook up a storm. With Vice India’s recent and already popular show titled ‘Kabhi Sushi Kabhi Shalgam’, Ankiet teaches you how to cook on a budget. Not your average cooking show, this one’s fun and sassy, starring both Ankiet and stand-up comedian Urooj Ashfaq, where the former teaches the latter (who admits that she can’t cook), how to whip up super delicious food without spending too much.

With the show offering such a quirky premise, we had to chat with Ankiet about it. And here’s what he had to say.

Tell us a little bit about the concept of this show.

This show is for people who haven’t cooked a day in their life. Sure, a lot of us feel we know how to cook because we’ve either seen people cooking in person or on social media, but cooking requires a bit of hand-holding when you first start, and I want this show to help them become better cooks.

Ankiet and Urooj

Learning How to Cook from the Expert

What was the thought process behind the quirky title – Kabhi Sushi Kabhi Shalgam?

The idea was to stay local with our shopping lists while not stopping ourselves from having a bit of fun as we cook.

What do you think makes you and Urooj a great fit on television? 

Urooj is a great stand-up comedian and many young people out there can relate to her first-time fears of cooking. By showing Urooj the ropes, right from shopping to prepping an ingredient and finally cooking it, I’m also hoping to reach out to many more people. It’s not a show for aficionados or chefs, it’s for each and every person who has ever come up and said to me, “Bro, I can’t cook to save my life”.

The show promises interesting recipes that are also budget-friendly. How do you manage that?

We spend some time thinking about not just recipes but also skill sets such as prepping meat, or buying eggs, working with chocolate, how to cook grains, and then go on from there to decide which recipes we feel would make that shine. Essentially, I want to empower more people to cook without them having to worry about the cost.

Ankiet and Urooj

Having a lot of fun in the Kitchen

Name two dishes from the show that you think people must try for themselves at home.

With only a few of the episodes out so far, I think people should definitely make my fried egg sandwich with mayo from scratch and the buckwheat Schezwan pancake.

Name an episode that’s extremely close to your heart and why. 

Every episode has been an amazing experience so far. But the best is yet to come. There’s this episode where I take Urooj shopping and it’s really fun and funny. You’re going to have to stay tuned for more!

Anything you’d like to say to everyone watching the show and trying to recreate your recipes?
If you’ve mastered a skill from the show, I’d suggest you perfect it by doing it over and over again and tweaking it a bit every time until you’ve made that skill set your own.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune into Vice India to catch Ankiet and Urooj as they bring you their own refreshing take on all things food.